any one rember that old pc game like warlords?

it was more cartoonish or you can say comic bookish where you can choose between a handful of heros and it was a turn based game you are able to be a warlock or warrior etc. you could get dragons and pheniox and can create boats and have to uncover the map to find your opponent. you also find heros while trying to uncover the map.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Yes! I just started looking around online trying to find the full version of that game to buy but couldn't find it anywhere, I tried a couple of the free downloads that looked like trusted sites and said my computer wasn't compatible with the software. They have several other versions of warlords (newer upgraded versions) but I want to play the original. That was my favorite game as a kid growing up and I only got to play the 40 turn demo version. Let me know if you find any place to buy it for modern day computer!

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