Why do people buy Windows and Mac when there is Linux?

There are more than one "flavor" of Linux, the most popular and easy to use I think is Ubuntu, which is free to download and try out even before installing it, it runs "live" from the disc so there's no sacrifice to try it. There's also Mint linux and Suse, and PClinuxOS, Fedora. These are all free, and they all provide a different user experience, there are more too like Gentoo and Slackware but they're not as user-friendly for a novice.

still, all free. You could save up the hundreds of dollars spent on windows/mac licenses and still do everything on your machine you need to with Linux right?

You can still create MS word compatible documents and spreadsheets

you can still use firefox/watch youtube/browse internet/tweet

you can still watch DVD movies

you can still edit video and audio and create music in Linux

and with WINE You can play some PC games, but a console would be more practical for that anyways I think.

What is the practical use for running Windows or Mac these days? Why spend (or waste in my understanding) the money?


For the first two answers I have received ...

Piracy is illegal

and that is a misconception that Linux is incompatible. It really is highly compatible.

don't just blow Linux off based off hear-say rumors you've read or been told. Linux is just as powerful if not more so than Windows and Mac

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  • mr. c
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    8 years ago
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    SHORT ANSWER: ppl don't buy windoooooz, they keep using it b/c they spent a $h!t load of money for it... whether they like(d) it or not

    some (historical) perspective, maybe?

    against what the fan boys obviously think, m@ke$$h!t only does that... make$ $h!t :@

    they never did anything, leave alone anything good.

    mostly they stole (1-2-3, wordperfect aso.)

    bought cheaply (Mosaic, the 1st Internet browser, SQL-Server from Sybase, an engineer from DEC to develop a successor to Dirty OS (aka DOS); yes, you read right, DOS was called Quick & Dirty Operating System by the company which created it (Seattle Computer Products; wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seattle_Computer_Prod... )

    the only reason why Billy the Gates spent 75'000.- $ in 1980 / 81 to acquire QDOS was because IBM, the then giant in the computer industry (HW + SW) didn't want to bother developing an OS for what they thought was just a fashion thing, the PERSONAL computer with the idea they'd dump m$ as soon as the whim would die away... 30 years later, we can appreciate how wrong they were (rofl)

    long story short... the PC age is coming to an end and so is m@ke$$h!t :D

    even though the moronic Bllamer thought he could repeat history 30 yrs later, by piggy ridding with the (declining) leader of the mobile phone market, obviously, that idiot forgot a nasty detail... PRICE, indeed. as much as PRICE is (one of) the reason(s) why shops.... SELL LostDOS (aka windooooooz) rather then telling ppl "oh, just download a Linux / GNU distro...." is that they can charge a nefty price with a nice margin :-o

    well, not on the mobile phone market, nope.

    and because most ppl paid hard earned bucks to get that crap, they are reluctant to simply erase it & replace it with a "free" product; usually, even if they spend lot of time in Linux, most ppl keep a LD partition somewhere, just b/c they spent the darn money to get it, in the 1st place...


    well, different story; they pretty much stuck to IBM's old business model... HW + SW, tightly connected; one doesn't go without the other. furthermore they offer a range of products (desktop publishing) where the competition isn't quite up to, especially in the ease of use / user friendliness aspect.

    well, Apple isn't Apple... it is Steve Jobs (RIP) baby.

    and we will have to see whether history will not, indeed, repeat itself, now that Jobs is gone...

    (a couple years after Apple was founded (by Jobs & a couple others) they kicked Jobs out and... nearly went bankrupt before begging him in again...)

    this is an interesting article about m$' futile attempt to gain access to the mobile market:


    it is from 2009 b/c two years nearly to the day before Flopocalypse m$ already made an alliance with LG according to which LG should have 50+ m$ crap phones in 2012 ¦-))))))))))))

    like the article points out....

    «In the mobile arena however, it turns out that companies who have been infected with Windows Mobile usually shake it off within a year. Last year [2008], Samsung introduced the Omnia running Windows Mobile. This year, Samsung announced the OmniaHD, a new model that ditches Windows Mobile for Symbian.»

    it also lines out m$' business model...

    «[...] Microsoft has long used its OEM licensing leverage to force PC makers to exclusively advertise that they “recommend Windows XP,” [...]

    Microsoft also funded SCO as it stirred up legal problems for Linux [...]

    When Linux made an appearance on the One Laptop Per Child XO-1 for emerging markets, Microsoft jumped into action to ensure that models were packed with enough RAM to run Windows XP and worked to push Linux into a secondary optional install. When Asus began shipping Linux on its new netbooks, Microsoft similarly raced to put pressure on Asus to backpedal on Linux in favor of Windows XP. [...]

    After Nigeria set up an order for Linux-based Classmate machines, the Wall Street Journal reported that “Microsoft proposed paying $400,000 last year under a joint-marketing agreement to a government contractor it was trying to persuade to replace Linux with Windows on thousands of school laptops.” [...]

    Microsoft has also issued broad, unspecified patent threats against Linux designed to kill interest among any developers who might lack the resources to survive a patent war with the company. Had Microsoft been only interested in protecting its intellectual property, it would have clearly cited infringements so the community could fix them. Microsoft wanted to simply silence Linux as a competitive threat. [...]»

    does that strike you as a business model of a company that does good products?

    Source(s): history... is a story, full of sound and fury, told by a deaf to a mute and signifying... nothing
  • 8 years ago

    Linux to many still has the image of being difficult to use and it will no doubt take many years to correct this myth. Coupled with this Linux and Ubuntu are considered by many to be the same thing. Relatively few are aware that Linux is the Kernel (the platform) and that Ubuntu is a Linux distro.

    So for those who have tried Ubuntu and found they cannot get along with it then dismiss Linux entirely which is unfortunate mostly because of poor information that has been passed on by others.

    The fact is there is no reason for anyone not to try Linux by way of LiveCD/DVD. Most Linux distros. offer this option so there is no need to commit to an installation

    Things are changing however with Ubuntu being knocked off top spot by Linux Mint a first time user is likely to have a more positive experience



  • 8 years ago

    Primarily because LINUX is "me too" software. It has very few compelling features that are better than Mac or Windows. Most features in LINUX are inadequate for the vast majority of users.

    * You can still create MS word compatible documents and spreadsheets

    True, but you can't run Microsoft Office to make them. Microsoft Office is at least a decade more advanced the the best you can run on LINUX, which is LibreOffice. Training costs alone prohibit the switch.

    * you can still edit video and audio and create music in Linux

    True, but there's no iTunes, Garageband, iMovie, or iDVD

    * You can play some PC games

    True, but not most of the latest or most popular

    In addition, the LINUX community tries to position itself as "just like" well kinda sorta but it's free so don't pay attention to the deficiencies. Compare that to Apple's campaign to "think different" which noted they were not only different, but better. People like different, but only if it's demonstrably better, as in Apple's case.

  • Glenn
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    8 years ago

    It's still relatively unknown even after being around for so long now. It's getting more play slowly. People want what they want and are comfortable with. You're right about the apps and compatibility. More and more, mainstream apps come with a Linux version. The last Maya package I bought came with all OS versions. There have been other good ones that have come and gone (?) like BeOS. I plan to throw Linux on a drive and get more familiar with it. I remember it from about 10 yrs back when people were really pushing it and they came out with all the diff types like RedHat.

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  • 8 years ago

    I agree to you, as I myself am a Linux user.

    I think marketing is the only thing that is making MS Windows and Macs more popular than Linux/Unix. Microsoft and Apple spent millions of dollars annually to ensure proper marketing efforts, on the other hand as Linux is open source and free, who shall be willing to pay so much amount?

    Another thing, it is a perception that Linux is a difficult system. For a Mac user, yes it is! so as for a Windows user...Even many Ubuntu/Mint users still change their screen resolution "by hand" on every boot!

    Although, GUI and Desktop environments are changing this perception but the change is slow.

    I hope in future more people will try a new experience and come to a better operating system.

  • 8 years ago

    @Rohan: This is why Linux has Wine. Essentially a Windows Emulator.

    My guess is, that most consumers are scared of free. And, or they are unaware of the oppertunity.

    I just started on Linux, and I did not think it would be that good at first. I'm not techy in Unix based OSs'.

    But after I installed Mint, I fell in love instantly

    I guess, people like to pay more. lol

    Source(s): Mint User
  • 8 years ago

    People spend the money on Mac's and Windows because they believe the rambling of morons (like above) who say stuff like it's not compatible with hardware and such. The funny thing is, us Linux users have all run Windows and most still do, so we have something to base our Windows hatred on, yet people who couldn't name 3 linux distros are self proclaimed experts and bash away. Gotta love stupid people!

    Source(s): Run Linux as my Main OS for over 10yrs.
  • 5 years ago

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  • 8 years ago

    Linux OS is a total crap.

    It is incompatible with most of the softwares.

    Even though Windows is costly it is worth its price.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    that's only for people who don't know about pirated software (cracked software)

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