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Anonymous asked in News & EventsMedia & Journalism · 9 years ago

Why aren't Lara Logan's bosses help responsible for her sexual assault?

Earlier this year the beautiful journalist Lara Logan was beaten and sexually assaulted while covering a story in Egypt! Why weren't her bosses held responsible?? Why on earth did they send a beautiful blond woman to a Muslim country to be surrounded by men? Her bosses wanted to tantalize and tease those men! They used Lara Logan as an experiment! Why are not they held responsible and why isn't Lara Logan suing them and making them accountable? They know what they were doing!!

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  • Mel
    Lv 7
    9 years ago
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    I agree with you that it was somebody's bad judgment that placed Lara Logan in the amidst of a civil revolution, but we do not know all the circumstances leading up to her covering/reporting on the chaotic street rioting and civil revolt in Cairo.

    It is a news reporter's job (sometimes dangerous) to report directly from the scenes/settings of news stories. Logan could have asked for this assignment or her boss could have assigned her to this location. With feminists demanding that women be given the same kinds of jobs as men and women like Logan under pressure to take jobs/assignments traditionally done by men only (e.g., reporting from war scenes), we end up with the "situation" that Logan got into because of our gender-neutral policies in the workplace.

  • 9 years ago

    That's ridiculous.

    The only people who are responsible for the attack on Lara Logan are her attackers. Not her, not her bosses, not anybody else. Anywhere around the world, a beautiful woman or an ugly woman should be able to walk around and not be assaulted or raped. No exceptions.

  • ?
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    of direction. They searched throughout Egypt for a blond South African woman, who in simple terms exceeded off to be in Egypt hoping to win a Pulitzer Prize by employing recording the 'Downfall of Mubarak' in simple terms so as that they could be interior the information. Egyptians have lived decrease than tyranny for the final 30 years and tensions have been working extreme. gathering information is a unfavourable pastime because of the fact the members in social upheavals do not sit down around thinking approximately spoilt little feminists who think of they are waiting for the 'enormous time' by employing entering a warfare zone, mutually as i don't condone the violence finished to her anybody who is going in to a wrestle zone, and that's what it grew to become into in Egypt, must be properly conscious of the hazards and waive any precise to safety. It is going with the pastime. what proportion men have been killed reporting on activities in Burma, Viet Nam, Iraq, etc. what proportion have won the front web site coverage that this so -talked approximately as 'journalist' have been given . a youthful male journalist grew to become into gunned down by employing American infantrymen 'for pastime' and not basically did it not get front web site coverage, it grew to become into shoved decrease than the rug till Wikileaks uncovered the video. She lost her precise to the call 'journalist', whilst she began whining approximately what exceeded off to her. in case you may not take the warmth, stay out of warfare zones. She could be writing approximately Martha Stewart and her contemporary breakfast table centerpiece. What a whiny lot women have become. They scream for equality and whilst the going gets tough, they start crying, 'Whaah! Momma!" strengthen up! is all I could say.

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