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Is having a couple of Peanut butter & Jam/Banana sandwiches a week bad for you?

I use a tablespoon of JIF crunchy peanut butter (100 calories) and a tablespoon of sugarless jam (20 calories) on whole wheat bread (150 calories) or an average sized banana (about 80-90 calories) My concern is the 10 grams of fat it contains. Should i cut these out?

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    not really. the protein in the peanuts, and the whole grain in the bread, PLUS All the good a banana brings, means this is actually a very good snack.

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    The fat in peanut butter is good for you; all nuts are good for you. An adult should eat up to 60 fat grams per day, so you're fine.

    My favorite breakfast is a banana smeared with peanut butter. Yum.

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    My favorite PB sandwich is peanut butter, a light spread of margarine, and a lot of green lettuce. It gives a nice crunch. Sometimes I salt very lightly.

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    Peanut better is where the protein is, wheat bread is where the grain is, banana is where the vitamins are, jam is where the deliciousness no :)

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    i am eating almond butter nutella banana sandwich as we speak well type and the 10g of fat is nothing to worry about as long as not eating 15a week

    Source(s): if you like peanut butter almond butter is even better and most store's (wal-mart included) carry it
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