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A friend has told me about a book called The first Holocaust by Don Heddesheimer. What is the story behind it?

Apparently it concerns a claim that 6 million jews were murdered during the first world war and this was supposedly the first Holocaust. Anyone know anything about the story behind this claim? It obvisiously never became widely believed, as i'd certainly never heard this claim before.

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    The book is one used by Holocaust deniers to try to imply that the Jews claimed a Holocaust after WW1.

    It is full of misinterpretations, misquotes, sentences out of context and so on. It contains accusations that could have been pulled straight from the Protocols of Zion (which you don't believe, right?)

    The book claims that their is a World wide conspiracy of Jews that try to deceive the world and get sympathy. However the book has a fatal flaw. The book reprints articles and claims they say 6 million Jews were murdered in WW1. The articles however never say that. Some articles say people were starved, some say that people are in imminent danger, but the references in the book never say what the author claims they do. It somehow tries to imply that because a few articles were written that some people suffered in WW1, then that is "proof" that the Holocaust never happened. The book is complete rubbish, but like I said it is a favourite of certain types of people. Jews never claimed that 6 million were murdered in WW1, and it pathetic that a century or so later certain people are trying to use deception and misquotes to try to make a false claim, and then use that to say that the Holocaust didn't occur.

    This book appears on Holocaust denier websites such as stormfront alongside the false claims that Jews declared war on Germany and of course the Protocols. It was written in 2005 and is nothing but Holocaust denier rubbish.

    Now I am not trying to imply anything, but why are you looking up these books, describing them and then claiming you don't believe them? You did the same thing with the Protocols. Are you being honest with us or do you have an agenda?

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