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Should I change career or keep the one I already have?

Long story short, I don't like my current employer. I am 100% sure I am not going to stay there very long.

But the thing is I wonder if I should change career. I am not so sure I enjoy what I do anymore (after one year of doing it. I finished school a year ago, I am 24).

I have to decide if I want to change employer or go back to school (I would be interested to get a degree in math-computer science).

But the thing is no matter how long and how hard I think about it, I still don't know what to do.

I already met a career counselor. It helped a little with my reflexion, but I still wonder what to do.

Has anyone been there, done that? Any advice?

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    Hi James !

    A few thoughts to consider:

    1) There are free online career match websites where you identify your likes and strengths and they suggest possible career choices. Google search to locate the websites.

    2) In order to make a good career choice you have to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the choice possibilities. Make a chart to compare the alternatives. What are the pay ranges ? Will there always be a strong future demand for such a career ? Where do I have to move to get such jobs and are these areas OK ? What specific daily tasks are associated with the jobs and what would I like/dislike about each career ? What training and costs will be necessary to be eligible for such a career ? If I get married and have a family will I have time for my family ? How much travel time is involved with the job ? Google search each career possibility fully to answer all your questions.

    3) When you leave a job which will become part of your resume you need to know why you are leaving, When asked about it in a future interview you have to have a reason that the potential employer would find reasonable. Never burn your bridges behind you. Always leave a job on good terms if possible, because they may be contacted by a potential future employer about your qualifications and job performance. Always do what you can to repair any relationships on a job to keep your resume as robust as possible. One of the things this means is that you identify what things your present employee may not like about your job performance, and then take concrete actions to improve your performance. Never act emotionally on a job. Always keep your head in it. It's hard to take back an outburst once you've done it. Use proper channels in the organization to address wrongdoings against you on the job. Companies want to hire a team player.

    Good luck on your future endeavors, and take good care of your health.


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    4 years ago

    Don't do what you do not like. Am a lot older than you and I ultimately bought out of accounting right into a extra men and women orientated task. Huge pay reduce, however I am pleased. Go again to institution if you'll be able to. It is valued at it.

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