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why are human racists, and animals are not?

racism makes no sense... biologically and psychologically.

you wouldn't see a Kodiak bear discriminating against grizzlies.

if it's a male he fight it if it;s a female he tries to have sex with it, he wouldn't care what subspecies of brown bear it is.

but humans seem to care what is the race of humans is.

and not only the uneducated ones.

i just saw an artificial on yahoo news

"Lanya Olmstead was born in Florida to a mother who immigrated from Taiwan and an American father of Norwegian ancestry. Ethnically, she considers herself half Taiwanese and half Norwegian. But when applying to Harvard, Olmstead checked only one box for her race: white."

well for one why the **** do Harvard cares about the race their students?

and the second thing, white isn't eve a race, Caucasians is a race, and some Caucasians are paled skin.

but why would some one care? other for reason of biological research or medical relevance.

why the hell to people care about other people ethical and racial background.

and just because it may come up, i give no impotence for that.

i'm a white Caucasian of a mixed German, Hungarian and Romanian Jewish ancestry


sorry didn't mean to ask it on R&S

i don't really care what you religious fruit cakes think

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    Because animals arent stupid like human :)

    they're too busy trying to survive while we try to kill eachother :)

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    If you are a born again Christian, then you would know the answer to that question: it is because of the satanic nature of man; remember what Jesus said to the pharisees? He said that they were of their father the devil, and the lusts (or desires) that he lusts, you will do. We see this quite evidently in the nature of man; what is called good is now called evil or "bigoted"; what is evil is called "acceptable' and "tolerant"...these are also signs of the last days. If one wants to look at the way God designed things to be, just look at the animals that you described; however, if you do notice, look at the fact that they do not go out of their own kind; i.e., lions with lions, bears with bears, etc. God said that they were to bring forth offspring, after THEIR KIND. As far as mixing races and cultures is concerned, God commanded the Jews not to intermarry those around them, for several reasons, and those are, briefly, this: because of diseases, and because of false idol worship that others performed; the best answer to most of the puzzles of life can be summed up by reading Deuteronomy 29:29. God has set up a system that man was supposed to follow, but since man is corrupted in nature by satan, he will do as he pleases, and, therefore will reap the consequences of those decisions.

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    Racism is not natural it is something that has been institutionalized by the ruling class as a mechanism of control through the concept of "divide and rule". Humans like other animals do have a natural instinct to be with others of their own kind, but most of us already have the built in spirituality to see all humans as our kin.

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    Maybe they are racist,a fight amongst about 20 big cats once broke out at a circus, it was between the Lions and the Tigers,10 of each, the Lions fought the Tigers and the Tigers fought the Lions, it wasn't indiscriminate. Isn't that something racist ?..

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    Animals are absolutely racist ! You are just not thinking. Chimpanzees will not mate with a monkey that comes into their territory, they will hunt it down and kill it (and eat it !). Dolphins kill porpoises all the time. Birds are the worst - if you don't look right, you won't be mated with. After Chernobyl, there were many mutated species of birds. They've all died out because they were slightly different looking to the other birds of the same breed. Many other examples in nature.

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    Animals aren't as smart as humans. Maybe some don't recognize the difference, or at least don't form any ideas about it.

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    animals only eat certain animals. sounds pretty racist to me. lol but no because they don't have the brain capacity to be that ignorant

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    In many ways,,,,,,animals are better than people.

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    Religion - especially, Christianity and its Bible is responsible for racism.

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    oh yeah you would in nature .. you got one animal that looks different in a group and it will be dead before long or at least ostracized ..

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