Why is my 4 week old doing this?

For the last 2 days my baby has been crying almost nonstop and holding her doesnt calm her. We tried pacifiers, baby swing, car rides, and she still cries. shes exclusively breastfed but as soon as shes done eating she cries to eat again but only sucks for a second before falling asleep. When i take the nipple out her mouth milk spills everywhere so im guessing she is eating enough and she has enough wet diapers. When she calms down she starts smiling and cooing but doesnt stay calm forr more than an hour and isnt sleeping much either. shes also drooling a lot but not spitting up much. is this colic or a growth spurt or something else? it makes me sad that shes screaming and crying like this.


could this be lactose intolerance? i never drink milk but i had ice cream 2 days ago and a coffee with milk yesterday but thats the only thing in my diet changed

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    Sounds like perfectly normal newborn fussies. Fussiness tends to increase and peak around 6 weeks, and then starts to taper off. Babies often fuss and cry for no apparent reason. She is not crying for food! A common mistake of new moms is to assume every cry means hunger. I did it with my first one. But babies will often fuss for a variety of reasons, or no reason. If she has just been fed, she is not crying for food. She may be tired, or just need holding. Help her go to sleep. Babies don't know how to soothe themselves to sleep and usually need help at this age. Rock her, bounce her gently, try making shh-shh noises softly to her, sing quietly, drive in the car, or set her in the carrier nearby the running dryer. Babies should only be awake for an hour or at most two in between sleep periods, so try to get her to sleep as much as you can. Being overtired will make the fussiness worse, but some fussiness is just par for the course. It does get better! Hang in there. I found a great book - Your Fussy Baby by Marc Weissbluth MD. I used to read it with my colicky first baby in my arms because I could never put her down. Good luck.

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    My baby was like this too. Crying for hours on end... could be colic. My son too was having issues with his formula like not pooping and him wanting to drink but it seemed like he hated it. We put him on similac sensitive along with some mylocin (sp?) drops and hes a new baby.

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    Sounds like she's full of gas and needs to be burped. She MUST be burped, thoroughly, during and after every feeding.

    Buy some peppermint oil, fill a small saucepan with water, heat to boiling, add a couple drops of peppermint oil and remove from heat. Allow the mixture to cool to room temperature, pour into a small baby bottle and give to her. The results may take up to 30-minutes to become effective. During this time, hold her up to your shoulder (like you're going to burp her), rub her back for quite some time and then pat her butt.....soon she will be burping like crazy, pass gas, relax and go to sleep. 'Old Fashioned' cures always work....:)

    Remember, newborn babies do NOT know how to burp themselves................they must be burped thoroughly during and after every feeding.

    As for 'could this be lactose intolerance'...........NO, a baby will only develop this with formulas.

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