i stopped breathing last night. im afraid to fall asleep . help?!?

this is the 6th time this has happend to me. im asleep having a dream when all of a sudden im half asleep and half awake. when this happens i can c myself asleep and i can see i am barly beathing. when i sleep i breath threw my mouth but when i c myself im breathing threw my noise which i am not use to. i can then feel like i am not getting enough air and i try to wake myself but my body feels to heavy to move then i can see myself like twitching of moving because i cant breath when i wake i gasp for air. i have no clue what it is but some of my family members have had this as well (dad aunt uncles sister) i want to know whats going on im afraid i wont wake up tomarrow :( im 17 if it helps and i dont have asma and i never had any breathing problems before. im fit so i dont like it has anything to do with a weight problem. please help me :(

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  • 8 years ago
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    It is possible called "sleep apnea" and there are medical treatments available for it. It can cause health problems due to lack of oxygen in the tissues, like the heart or the brain.

    Go to a doctor and they will have solutions for it.

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  • 3 years ago

    it must be sleep apnea, the place you do end respiration for a 2nd, yet then you relatively awaken. generally, this occurs without you understanding which you're waking up, so which you do no longer sleep nicely, yet you don't comprehend why. human beings around you may checklist which you snore, and that they may even checklist which you end noisily snoring for 0.5 a minute at a time. it must be hypnic jerk, the place your physique abruptly jerks as you bypass to sleep, which could awaken up abruptly and go away you feeling panicked. it must be rigidity attack. rigidity can provide you the sensation that it relatively is annoying to respire and go away you gasping for air. of direction, this in simple terms makes you greater stressful. relax certain which you will no longer die from combating respiration. try keeping your breath for a minute, and you will see. Your physique is extremely nicely programmed to desperately seek for air in case you end respiration. you will no longer sleep with the aid of it. it is going to easily wake you up in case you're relatively combating respiration. there is not any doubt. If it keeps to be a issue, a doctor can help diagnose you.

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