Can you have a 3 person dorm at Michigan State University?

I'm seriously considering going to MSU and so are my two friends and we really want to dorm together! Do they have 3 person dorms? And what is the best dorm to be in?


You can pick your roommates.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I do hope you already checked the Michigan State Univ. web pages for housing to find out about the dormitories or you telephoned the MSU Campus Living Services office and asked someone who is familiar with the dormitory choices there.

    Residence Hall information:

    You will have to click on each link for a residence neighborhood and then the link for each dormitory to learn about your choices.

    Or talk with a real person.

    1-877-9 LIVE ON (5483 66)

    You can even send an e-mail:

    I do see on the web pages regarding MSU student housing, they do give you an opportunity to select your roommates.

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