dell factory reset question?

i have a dell dimension e310 which i have had now for about 4 years and it came preinstalled with windows xp home,and recently i finally decided to make the change to windows vista but its not for me..i want to go back to xp by hopefully doing a dell reset partition but anytime i hit the ctrl+f11 the basic vista screen pops up and im not able to get in the advanced boot menu...i got into the advanced boot menu by holding f8 but it doesnt show the"repair my computer option"..anyone know anything i can do to get the pc the way it originally came?thank you

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    Try to use the Original CD or DVD that came with your computer. It has the Dell logo. Operating System. Already installed on your computer. Reinstallation CD. Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition.Or you may have created a system restore CD or DVD. Also helpful to make for fixing many problems that can come up, you may have made a Troubleshooting CD or a Startup CD or DVD. Make these now if you can so that you preserve your options for keeping your files your pictures music documents and downloaded applications. Then take an additional measure to preserve just documents by putting a new blank CD and use the folders view in explorer to drag the itunes folder and all music folders to the CD. Right- click on the CD and select write these files to CD to get them from a temporary memory area and get them actually copied onto and written to the CD. Then right-click on the CD and select eject disk. A message my indicate that the disk is being finalized. Then the CD is complete and it will eject. Microsoft has a new Operating Windows 8. It may be free to download from now. After you download it you can install it and it will wipe out and overwrite what is on the the PC and you will have a freshly loaded PC with Window 8 beta. See how much RAM your PC has and check at Kingston or PNY or other sites to see if it is affordable for you to upgrade to 6 GB of RAM or to 8 GB of RAM. That could make your existing Vista installation run better and will help your PC to run Windows 7 or Windows 8 a lot better. 3 or 4GB is max usable for Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional 32bit.

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    9 years ago

    Maybe go to dells website, and see if you can download their restore program...And to do a restore from the partition, you will have to use F11 I think.

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    4 years ago

    style contained in the starting up field restore laptop and also you'll see the options. you are able to also bypass to regulate panel to do it, or do a equipment restore to an in the previous element that you pick. you are able to also delete and re-instore abode windows

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