La Raza says cook country should NOT be releasing dangerous illegal alien criminals on bail but supporters?

La Raza says cook country should NOT be releasing dangerous illegal alien criminals on bail but supporters maintain illegals are not dangerous and want all released on bail no matter what their crime is. Supporters will they boycott La Raza ?

Through Freedom of Information Act requests, TheDC has conclusively identified one of the three criminal aliens described by ICE.

“Mr. Eduardo Sanchez was released from the Cook County Department of Corrections on 09/07/2011,” Cook County Assistant General Counsel Elizabeth Abraham said in an email.

“A search was generated pursuant to the information provided in your request for Nos. 2 and 3. However, without further identifiers, the Cook County Sheriff’s Office is unable to narrow down the names/records you are seeking.”

Sanchez was featured in a Sun-Times story about the Cook County ordinance. The policeman who arrested him following a traffic stop ended up in the hospital. Sanchez’s mug shot tells most of the tale. He was one of the first individuals released after the ordinance passed.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC president William Gheen told TheDC that laws like this turn local jurisdictions into co-conspirators in the breakdown of immigration enforcement.

“In places like Los Angeles and Chicago, we have a bunch of illegal immigrant facilitators,” He said. “Thousands of times a year a citizen of the United States is killed by an illegal alien.”

Gheen told the story of Jose Carranza, a Peruvian national who allegedly shot three college students, execution-style, in New Jersey in 2007. Miraculously, one survived. A fourth student was hacked to death with a machete.

Jose Carranza at his arraignment on first-degree murder charges (Fox News)

Carranza, who was in the United States illegally, already had a long rap sheet and gang ties. Charged with raping a 5-year-old girl, he made bond and left jail, prosecutors say, before his schoolyard killings.

Even the National Council of La Raza, politically progressive and typically outspoken, has declined to support the Cook County ordinance, according to the group’s Chicago spokeswoman Maricela Garcia. Garcia told TheDC that La Raza favored a policy in which local sheriffs have discretion to detain specific criminal suspects for federal immigration authorities. San Francisco County in California has such a policy.

Tim Schneider, a Republican Cook County Commissioner from the Northwest suburbs and an outspoken opponent of the anti-ICE ordinance, referred to it as “our Willie Horton moment” during the debate that led to its passage.

Schneider’s office would only tell TheDC that he is considering a wide range of options, and would not commit to sponsoring a specific piece of legislation to repeal the controversial law.

In an October statement to WorldNetDaily about immigration detainers, ICE said it “has not sought to compel compliance through legal proceedings.”

“Jurisdictions that ignore detainers,” the agency added, “bear the risk of possible public safety risks.”

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    Affirmative action at work.

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