I want to be her bestfriend again, how?

Last year I was best friends with lets say her name was A. A and I had all of our core classes together in school (Math, English, Social Studies, Science. We hung out pretty much everyday after school. Oddly, one thing we didn't do together was eat lunch. Our whole grade (we're in seventh grade now) eats lunch together, so it wasn't like we didn't have lunch at different times. A always ate with other people. Let's call them C, P, E, C, and M. A hardly ever hung out with them outside of school though. I always ate lunch with other best friends, J, I, J, V, N, R, and a few others, J, I, and I have been best Friends since second grade. That year, sixth grade, is when we started becoming best friends With Other people. We were the "popular" girls. Anyway this year A and I grew apart. I am very unhappy. My best friends, J, I, V, N, R, and now C are constantly excluding me. I am sick and tired of forgiving and going back to be friends with them again. I just got off a long phone call with A. She said I could start hanging out with her and her other friends which have become her best friends full-time gradually. I don't know how to do this. I do not know her other friends at all, I have no classes at all with A or any of her other friends and I feel awkward around them. However they are better, smarter people like me. I want to become friends gradually. Help? Don't say ask A, I have already asked so much of her. Please give detailed responses, thank you!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Okay, well, if you want to be her friend then begin by start eating lunch with her and her friends. If she has accepted them then you can, right? Its not like they are jerks. She obviously still likes you and if she does you should try to give her a reason to still like you. Start talking to her more (I mean, ask her about stuff she does) and as for her friends try to joke with them, or talk about stuff all of you like. As for you friends J,I,J,V,N, and R, if they are excluding you then you shouldn't be trying to hang out with them. If they are the mean popular kind of people then they will try to use the fact you trail after them as something to make fun of you for. If you wait to long to get back as a friend with A, then she might leave you in the dust. Anyhow, my answer to your problem of how to hang out with her is simple: Start chatting it up with her. Sit with her at lunch. If she likes to joke around then poke fun at food or something you find amusing. Invite her over to your house to have a sleepover or do something fun. Get close to her friends. Befriend them and then you can replace J, I, J, V, N, and R.

    I wish you the best of luck!!!!

    Source(s): I have been through stuff like this, and I always made the wrong choices.
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