Out of these 4 Running Backs which 3 should I start?

Cedric Benson vs. Steelers

Darren Sproles vs. Lions

Kevin Smith vs. Saints

Maurice Jones-Drew vs. Chargers

Or Flex Spot for Laurent Robinson vs. Cardinal

Keep in mind Kevin Smith is questionable with a hurt ankle but has been participating in practice.

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    MJD is a MUST start, we all know how explosive he is -- i believe he's leading the league in Rushing yards, but not sure anymore if Lesean McCoy took that spot. I understand the Chargers have only allowed 5 rushing TDs this season, but MJD is a producer. He will get you the points.

    Cedric Benson v. Steelers -- only because I wouldnt start Sproles since he splits his carries with Ingram and Thomas. & Kevin Smith doesnt look too promising to start.

    Laurent Robinson - With most defenses worried about Dez (he is notably better than Robinson, and a much greater threat), Robinson will be open most times. Also, Robinson has had 7 redzone reads and targets -- nuff said.

  • I agree with the first answer. Sproles vs Lions(he will be able to touch the ball a lot against the Lions without suh.) and MJD against the chargers. Hes the best RB and easily the best out of the 4 to have a chance at a 100 yard game.

    Kevin Smith's injury status worries me, not to mention that maurice morris could take carries away from him, and the Steelers are still the steelers so I don't see benson having a big day. Miles Austin should still be out, and Dez Bryant will probably have patrick peterson covering him, so I see Laurent Robinson getting a lot of targets, and the Cardinals D is pretty weak.

  • 9 years ago

    MJD, Darren Sproles, and Laurent Robinson.

  • 9 years ago

    I would definitely go with Laurent over these RB's hands down. Play Sproles and MJD. Benson is probable but likely to play, however they are playing in Pitt. Smith could be a good pick but I wouldn't take any chances unless you have the wiggle room to lose points this week. Depends on where you are at in your league and your opponent this week. Otherwise I would say play it safe and play guaranteed players.

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  • 9 years ago

    Anything will work here, except don't start benson. He has a bad matchup and is not that great. I would go with sproles, MJD, (he is very consistent this season and will not let you down) and robinson at flex.

  • 9 years ago

    Put Sproles and MJD at RB, and Robinson at flex

    good luck

  • 9 years ago

    I would go with jones-drew for sure

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