The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that state laws prohibiting the direct sales of wine to consumers by out-of-state?

Harry Blackmun was nominated to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court by President

John Kennedy.

Lyndon Johnson.

Richard Nixon.

Jimmy Carter.

Ronald Reagan.

The U.S. Supreme Court receives requests to hear approximately _____ cases per year. From that total, it normally grants complete hearings to only approximately _____ cases per year.

500 requests; 100 cases heard

1,000 requests; 100 cases heard

5,000 requests; 250 cases heard

7,000 requests; 80 cases heard

10,000 requests; 1,000 cases heard

When the U.S. Supreme Court reaches a decision, responsibility for writing the majority opinion falls to the

chief justice.

most senior member of the majority.

person designated by the chief justice or most senior member in the majority.

most junior member in the majority.

justice with the strongest opinion on the case.

The process by which Congress may remove a sitting judge, the president, or other high officials is known as




legislative prerogative.

executive privilege.

The power of judicial review was established by the U.S. Supreme Court in its decision in the case of

Texas v. Johnson.

Tinker v. Des Moines

Marbury v. Madison.

United States v. Booker.

Kelo v. New London.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that state laws prohibiting the direct sales of wine to consumers by out-of-state wineries violated the Commerce Clause in the case of

Granholm v. Heald.

United States v. Booker.

Hamdi v. Rumsfeld.

Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition.

Bush v. Gore.

A process by which members of the United States Senate may block or delay voting on proposed legislation or on the confirmation of presidential appointments is known as

Marginal approval.

Senatorial courtesy.

Legislative delay.


Right of denial.

A court with the authority to hear a case in the first instance, such as a trial court, is said to have a(n)

writ of mandamus.

obligatory access.

right of first refusal.

appellate jurisdiction.

original jurisdiction.

Original jurisdiction is held by the first court to hear a case.



Although the Supreme Court receives more than 7,000 certiorari petitions each year, it grants complete hearings and produces full written opinions for less than 100 cases each year.



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    Too many questions.

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    there is no distinction. the two communities are/have been being discriminated against thoroughly unreasonably. that's unconstitutional (and easily unfair) to deny specific communities the rights granted to different equivalent communities. Likewise, to function such denial to the language of a shape could (in my unschooled opinion) fly straight away interior the face of the variety of rfile it is designed to grant equivalent rights to all. The California perfect courtroom acted thoroughly interior its bounds by using surprising down an unconstitutional ban, the two in 1948 and in 2008.

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