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I need help picking the best name out of this overwhelming list? PLZ:)?

Pick the best girl and boy name is you want to help me out in my decision...


Amelia Kathryn

Adeline Jayne

Adriana Novelle

Alyson Harper

Charlotte Genevieve

Carmyn Isabella

Eleanor Juliette

Ellanore Vivienne

Evelyn Sophia

Felicity Claire

Georgiana Scarlett

Jayne Rosamond

Lauren Elizabeth

Lydia Shiloh

Mary Ellen


Ayden Clark

Abram Jude

Alden Lukas

Bradley Joseph

Hudson Bennet

Jaxon Rhett

Jake Bradley

Judah Owen

Karson Phillip

Kohen Grant

Lukas Alden

Leon Joshua

Raymond Lewis

Trevor Nolan

Warren Knox

21 Answers

  • 9 years ago
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    Amelia Kathryn- 6/10- Amelia is cute, i really dislike Katherine- a little old fashioned.

    Adeline Jayne- 7/10 Adeline is quite a rare name but not too out there so i think it's a good choice. Jayne doesn't grab me though.

    Adriana Novelle- 9/10- I adore the name Adriana! Never heared of Novelle before- i like it!

    Alyson Harper- 7/10- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Harper! Dislike Alyson though.

    Charlotte Genevieve- 5/10- Charlotte is sweet but sophisticated, i like it. Genevieve is something i'd call my pet or something. Sorry.

    Carmyn Isabella- 8/10- This is really nice! I like the different spelling of Carmyn< never seen it like that before! I also LOVE Isabella!

    Eleanor Juliette- 3/10- I'm sorry i really dislike this!

    Ellanore Vivienne- 1/10- And this..

    Evelyn Sophia- 7/10- This is nice and i like the name Sophia! Prefere Sophie though. Evelyn is okay but not one of my favourites.

    Felicity Claire- 3/10 Not the sort of name i'd pick for a newborn.

    Georgiana Scarlett- 8/10- Again not my favourite but it's a nice name, and will grow with her.

    Jayne Rosamond- 2/10- Jayne is a little last generation(s). 'mond' (Rosa'mond') is usually the ending of a boys name.

    Lauren Elizabeth- 8/10- Really really like this!

    Lydia Shiloh- 6/10- Lydia is nice, not sure how to pronounce the middle name though, sorry.

    Mary Ellen- 2/10- Horrible!!! sorry.


    Ayden Clark- 8/10- This is a cute name for a little boy! I thought Clark was surname though? Still nice and flows well!

    Abram Jude- 3/10- I dont mean to offend anyone in any way! But it sounds a little like and Indian name.

    Alden Lukas- 5/10- hmmm cant make my mind up about this one!

    Bradley Joseph- 4/10- i bit too poch for my liking! ;-)

    Hudson Bennet- 7/10- Hudson is really nice and sophisticated! Not so keen on Bennet though.

    Jaxon Rhett- 3/10 jackson mispelled? Dont like the name anyway. Dont know how to pronounce Rhett.

    Jake Bradley- 7/10- Short and sweet.

    Judah Owen- 3/10- really dont like this.

    Karson Phillip- 6/10- Karson is really nice and not very common either! Dont like Phillp.

    Kohen Grant- 8/10- Nice and quite rare too! I like it!

    Lukas Alden- 4/10- Alden is okay, not so keen on Lukas though. Much prefer Luke.

    Leon Joshua- 8/10- Leon is nice, and i really like Joshua! Joshua Leon flows better- I like it either way though! Nice name!

    Raymond Lewis- 4/10- I adore the name Lewis! Sweet but sophisticated. Raymond is really old fashioned.

    Trevor Nolan- 3/10- really dislike this.

    Warren Knox- 5/10- This is okay.

    Overall my favourite girls is defiantly; Adriana Noelle!!

    And my favourite boys; can i mix and match?- I like Hudson, Joshua, Jake and Lewis so either Hudson Lewis or Joshua Jake.

    I hope i dont sound harsh or horrible on any of my ratings! I defiantly didnt mean to come across like that, I was just giving my honest opinion.

    Congratulations & Good Luck!

    Source(s): Just my opinion..
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  • 9 years ago

    Your last name may make a difference but I'm going with Alyson Harper and Jake Bradley. Alyson and Jake are two of my all time favorite names! Runners up would be Abram Jude and a toss.up between Adriana Novelle and Charlotte Genevieve.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Evelyn Sophia and Leon Joshua 10/10 <3

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Adeline Jayne & Bradley Joseph

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  • 9 years ago

    I love Georgiana Scarlett, Evelyn Sophia, and Carmyn Isabella.

    My fav of ure boy names r Aiden Clark and Raymond Lewis(:

    The best r Georgiana Scarlett and Aiden Clark!

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  • Rondi
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Felicity Claire

    Trevor Nolan

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  • 9 years ago

    Charlotte Genevieve & Abram Jude

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Charlotte Genevieve & Karson Philip

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You can follow any of the suggestions given by other posters.

    But I consider that picking a name is more of a personal matter.

    Some families pick name on loved ones.

    Some pick name by mixing other names, like father's and mother's name.

    Some use Bible or other religious names.

    Some use a name based on the name's meaning. And this could be in another language, for example Leon in Spanish means Lion: force, bravery, fierce.

    Some pick short names.

    If you are picking a name for a baby, pick one that will be good sounding, and of good taste.

    Avoid names that other children could make fun of.

    Non-offensive names.

    Encouraging names.



    Source(s): My experience with other people's name.
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  • 9 years ago

    I love Evelyn Sophia. It's so pretty and the two names flow incredibly well together.

    For the boy names, I love Bradley Joseph. Bradley isn't very common and it has a nice sound to it. Joseph fits so nicely with it.

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