What is the name of the energy-saving Company in the USA offering performance-related contracting?

The name of an energy-saving Company in the USA offering performance-related contracting?

Can you confirm the name of the U.S. Company which supplies energy-saving services to the U.S. Government, Hospitals, Universities and many US Cities (e.g Chicago, Boston, Cincinnati etc), all on the basis of performance contracting (invented by its CEO) - and which (for example) provides the ultra-sensitive light and temperature controls which preserve the condition of the original U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence in the National Archives? It also secured a very substantial contract (worth around $800 million from the Department of Energy in 2009

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  • 9 years ago
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    We end up at the page of the Federal Energy Management Program, which lists the Department of Energy Energy Service Companies. There are 16 candidates:

    Ameresco (AMRC)

    Chevron - too big

    Clark Energy Group - not public

    Consolidated Edison Solutions - $17B market cap, too big

    Constellation Energy Group (CEG) - $7.64B market cap, too big

    FPL Energy Services Inc. - private

    Honeywell International (HON) - too big

    Johnson Controls Government Systems (JCI) - $21B market cap, too big

    Lockheed Martin Services Inc. (LMT) - too big

    McKinstry Essention - private

    Noresco - private

    Pepco Energy Services - part of Pepco Holdings (POM), $4.36B

    SAIC Energy, Environment & Infrastructure (SAI) - $4.2B market cap

    Schneider Electric Buildings Americas - part of French company Schneider

    Siemens Government Services

    Trane US Inc. - acquired by Ingersoll-Rand (IR)

    But as you can see, many of them are private or too big, or part of bigger companies. Actually only the first, Ameresco, fits the bill. So [ Ameresco ] it is. The list serves as a nice overview of the competition.

    check for details the following web page ( source ) :


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