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How do I access my e-mail from home?

I have a card reader at home. How do I access my e-mail from home? I think I may need outlook express. If so, where do I download this and how do I connect it to my address?

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    Follow the link below. There's some steps involve, follow instruction (step by step and by number, there's a reason for it), download those DOD certificates and install your CAC reader. It will help you to connect to those site or able to check email at home. Not sure how the, but working for us so far.

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    Lyndon G Fleming

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    You don't. Any .mil address blocks access from any IP that is not part of the network recognized by the server on the installation down to the office where you work or access your email normally. There is a reason for this, maybe you can figure it out I don't know. I ran the server at the DPS where I worked and "I" still could not access my .mil address in my office from home.

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