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If IRAN gets nukes how in the world will that affect the national security of the USA?

When will America stop being Zionist slaves

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    Who the hell said Jew$ don't control America?

    ETHNIC Jew$ are 2% OF THE US POPULATION but control ALL KEY AREAS of US politics/media/banking

    $$$ (American Financial CHAOS)

    Head of US Treasury, Timothy Geithner, (JEW)

    Head of US Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, 1987-2006 (JEW)

    Head of US Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke (JEW)

    Janet Yellen, vice-chairman US Federal Reserve (JEW)

    Head of International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde (JEW)

    Head of World Bank, Robert B. Zoellick (JEW)

    Goldman Sachs head (Wall Street’s largest bank), Marcus Goldman (JEW)

    National Economic Council Director, Gene Sperling (JEW).

    POLITICS (and pro-Israel support) Most Neo-cons are JEW$.

    United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Dianne Feinstein (JEW)

    Deputy Secretary of State, Jim Steinberg (JEW)

    Supreme Court of the United States (9 total) Stephen G. Breyer, Elena Kagan. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, (3 JEWS) - can overturn laws and executive actions it deems unlawful or unconstitutional

    Chief Performance Officer of the United States (responsible for federal budget and government reform), Jeffery Zients (JEW)

    Senior advisor to the President, David Plouffe (JEW)

    Speaker of House of Representatives – John Boehner (JEW)

    Senate leader – Joe Biden (JEW)

    MEDIA (Control the media - control people’s minds) – tip of the iceberg…

    Wikipedia boss - Jimmy Wales (JEW)

    Google founders - Sergy Brin (JEW)

    Facebook founder - Mark Zuckerberg (JEW)

    Pornographic Talk show host – Howard Stern (JEW)

    Disney owner – Michael Eisner (JEW)

    Pornography boss – Steve Hirsch (JEW) owns 80% US porn industry

    MTV and Viacom owner – Sumner Redstone (JEW)

    Anti-Christian apologists – Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens (JEWS)

    Time Warner CEO – Gerald Levin (JEW)

    L.A. Times Chairman - Sam Zell (JEW)

    New York Times Chairman– Athur Sulzberger (JEW)


    Sigmund Freud, psychoanalyst (JEW) – believed in sexual liberation, massive influence on corrupting western morals

    Karl Marx, Communist (JEW) – Tens of millions died under communism in Russia and China

    Melvin Lipman, President of American Humanist Organization, (largest American atheist organization, ANTI-CHRISTIAN)

    PLUS hundreds more left-wing social group founders and presidents…

    ETHNIC JEW$ must be RACIST because Blacks outnumber JEW$ by 7 to 1 but there are no Black names in the above lists. There are also no Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Indian, or Arab names. Mmm...

    Could the above list of JEWI$H names have anything to do with the USA spending billions on supporting Israel and fighting in the Middle East?

    Could the above list of JEWI$H names have anything to do with the FED and US bankruptcy?

    I have given ENORMOUS proof, but people on this forum STILL CAN’T SEE who is running America.

    Most of these JEWS have DUAL CITIZENSHIP. (Do the research) 學校

    Also, many Americans are Christian ZIONISTS. Theybelieve the crap that JEWS are God's chosen people and must do anything (including sending $ and sacrificing US soldiers) to help JEW$


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    8 years ago

    Well given the US saved Israel and protects it and funds it they are hardly Zionist slaves, Jews ran there to escape from Nazis and other assortments of enemies. Just unlike most other ethnic groups they actually focus on education and working for a living.

    Also as for security I think Iran must know that the entire NORAD 10,000+ multiple warhead neutron nuclear weapons in all its other variations is pointing at them now. For them if they fired one they'd get about 2000 fired back. And after the initial 10,000 the West would say to the Arab world "We advise you stop before the US initializes phase 2"

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    It doesn't. I'm more scared of the government who doesn't follow the Constitution. Obama and Bush writes executive orders as if they were dictators, whilst Congress just stands by and does absolutely nothing. The FED prints money that isn't worth it's value in weight, and gives it to their big bank friends overseas. But more and more, people are waking up. But, the media does a ******* good job brainwashing people. Don't forget people that just don't pay attention to what goes on in the world around. I mean my sister had no clue that OWS was happening until I told her like a month later. Just gotta keep educating people. I am telling you

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    8 years ago

    I'm betting 'Rayhere' has multiple porn tabs opened along with Y!A.


    OT: It won't, it wouldn't even affect Israel unless Iran can catch up and make upwards of 200 nukes, because that's how many Israel has. So to say Iran getting one would be the end of Israel is a joke, Israel could quite easily bomb Iran into oblivion.

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    8 years ago

    Believe you have answered why Iran should never be allowed to have nudes with the injection of ''zionist'' into your post

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    Iran is avowed to making the planet islamic. oil money can just do that. all present US allies in the region will side with Iran.

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    8 years ago

    It wont. But everyone is drinking all the fluoride and thinks that mutually assured destruction doesn't exist anymore because their government told them so.

    Hopefully we can elect Ron Paul and free ourselves from the bankgsters.

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