Coupon book ideas for my Brother ?

For one of his Christmas gifts, I'm giving my brother a coupon book. He's going to be a dad in a few months so I figure it's a good gift. I'm only 14, so there's only so much I can put. I already know I'm going to put Seven 1 Whole Day Free Babysittings. But I have NO IDEA what else to put. I suck @ cooking, they live an hour away so I couldn't help clean, what else?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    honestly I don't think there is anything else you can put.

    Don't make him a coupon book. Make sure you do tell him you can babysit whenever, but don't make that your gift. Besides you're 14--would he even trust you to watch his baby?

    For Christmas, how about buy him things for the baby? Baby clothes, toys?

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