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How does the Daycare help level up Pokemon in SoulSilver?

I have SoulSilver on DS, would it help my Pokemon level up if I left them in the Daycare?

Please can someone tell me how the Daycare works, what it is used for and where it is? Thanks.

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    Well, the daycare has 2 uses.

    1. leveling pokemon - Im pretty sure that every step is 1 exp for a deposited pokemon

    2. Breeding - if you put 2 compatible pokemon (Or a pokemon and a Ditto) you can get an egg that will hatch to the lowest evolution of that pokemons evolution cycle. (check Bulbapedia or Serebii for breeding compatabilities)

    it is just south (Down) from Goldenrod city (The third, very large city with the train to kanto, radio tower, and giant shopping centre)

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    Put up to 2 Pokemon in the daycare and they will level up. (I don't know about the 1 step= 1 exp for deposited Pokemon thingy) If they learn a new move from leveling up, you do not get to choose what move is deleted, or if they learn it at all. Eventually (if the Pokemon, for example, are Farfetch'd and Farfetch'd, or Farfetch'd and Ditto) they will have an egg. If you walk enough with the egg it will hatch. This does not work with a legendary Pokemon.

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    the daycare works like so, for every step your character takes your pokemon will gain 1 exp. point. so walk 10 steps and your pokemon will gain 10 exp pts. also you can use the daycare to breed your pokemon in order to hatch a new pokemon from an egg. the pokemon from the egg will be the first evolution of the female pokemon. sorry but i don't remember where it is located exactly

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    if you want to level up a pokemon you intend to use, it's faster to train it, if you just want to level up a pokemon at random then yea it's a good place to help level up pokemon, just remember that pokes in the daycare don't get any EV training done so when they level up their stats won't be as good as if you trained them yourself. i personally use the daycare for eggs and filling up my pokedex.

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