should i ask for a RAISE ???? help?

Hi! im 19 im a college student I am actually looking for a new job because this one only pays me 8/hr. I only work 8 hours a week. I have been working there for a year now and i work hard, i make copies, answer phone calls, proctor gre exams, deal with technical problems when they arise. It is a stressful job at time:(. Well i have a new boss and he said he plans to train us to work at the front desk as well, they do different tasks than us.. they schedule ged tests, answer calls, check exams from scantrons that professors bring in... its more work... i dont really want to be trained to work in the front when i was hired it wasnt in the job description, is this a good reason to ask for a raise? I think so.. can i deny working in the front? it may seem that we dont do a lot of work in the back but we do!!!! advice?

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  • 9 years ago
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    You could ask for a raise, but it would appear you are probably at the top of what the job pays. You need to begin looking for another better paying job.

  • 4 years ago

    i do no longer ask for a develop because of the fact i be attentive to that the corporate is already suffering, i could probable get the upward thrust yet then my boss could be envious of having to do it quicker then he replaced into delicate. while situations have been given stressful the persons who did no longer provide a crap relating to the corporate have been people who wound up jobless to boot as people who have been extreme paid yet whos jobs others ought to do for much less funds (which os in fact ANY job). I artwork very confusing and make sturdy funds for the corporate, i'm going to get a develop while the corporate could have the money for it i'm thoroughly particular of that. i'm additionally no longer grossly UNDERpaid the two which makes it much less stressful to hold off on will develop. I easily have not had a develop in 5 years yet I easily have had a job jointly as many have not. and that i've got on no account had a pay shrink the place as many company's shrink workers pay.i admire job protection.

  • 9 years ago

    yes you should,but still, how much money did u earn wen u didnt hav a job

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