Scientology or nation of islam, which belief system is crazier?

Nation of Islam:

Founder: Wallace Muhammad-later expanded by Elijah Muhammad


-White man was created in a science experiment 6000 yrs ago of the island of patmos by a mad black scientists named yakub

-the earth is 76 trillion years old

-God created himself from a single atom

-God rules with a board of 24 black scientists who elect a new god every couple million years

-That Moses used TNT(and dynamite) to destroy the Canaanites

-That instead of crucifying him, the Romans killed Jesus in front of a convenient store and put his body in a glass tube

-That Louis Farrakhan went on a spaceship called 'The Wheel' in Mexico city in 1985

(i) allegedly the wheel has 1500 aircraft carriers each strapped with 3 bombs that can kill someone

in a 1500 mile radius

-That there are 60,000 higher books of mathematics and that Western civilization is advanced because it is exposed to one of them(even though there are 59,999 left)


-Malcolm x(till 1964 when he saw the truth of Elijah Muhammad, left and was ultimately assasinated in 1965

-Muhammad Ali(till 1975)

-Snoop Dogg


Founder: L. Ron Hubbard


- That millions of years ago there were a group of people called Thetans that brought the universe into existence for their own pleasure

-That a man named lord xenu ruled a galactic confederacy and brought millions of thetans to earth in Douglas DC-8 airliners

-That they were stacked in volcanoes and then the volcanoes were detonated by hydrogen bombs, forcing the thetans to take the current forms they have

-that existence itself is characterized by a space opera

-in this space opera, the time line of the universe is as follows

(i)70 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion (70 septemvigintillion) years ago (7×1085 years): The Story of Creation Implants

(ii)5.9 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years to 40.7 trillion trillion trillion trillion years ago (5.9×1060–4.07×1049 years): The Glade Implants are implanted.

(iii)40.7 trillion trillion trillion trillion years to about 83 trillion trillion trillion years ago (4.07×1049–8.3×1036 years): The Bear Goals are implanted

(iv)110,000 trillion trillion years ago or earlier to 390 trillion trillion years ago (1.1×1029–3.9×1026 years): The Invisible Picture Goals implants are implanted by an unknown alien race

(v)390 trillion trillion years ago to 370 trillion trillion years ago (3.9×1026–3.7×1026 years): The Black Thetan Goals are implanted

(vi)4 quadrillion years ago (4×1015 years): Thetans enter the present universe and experience Incident I

(vii)382 trillion years ago to 52 trillion years ago (3.82×1014–5.2×1013 years): The Helatrobus Implants are implanted

(viii)83 trillion trillion trillion to 319 trillion years ago years ago (8.3×1036–3.19×1014 years): The Gorilla Goals Implants

(ix)315 trillion years ago to 216 trillion years ago (3.15×1014–2.16×1014 years): The Aircraft Door Goals are implanted

(x)80 trillion years ago (8×1013 years): The Galactic Confederacy is established

(xi)52 trillion years ago (5.2×1013 years): The Helatrobus government is established

(xii)44 trillion years ago (4.4×1013 years, "43,891,832,611,177 years, 344 days, 10 hours, 20 minutes and 40 seconds from 10:02½ PM Daylight Greenwich Time May 9, 1963"): The Heaven Implants are given, presumably by Helatrobus

(xiii)38 trillion years ago (3.8×1013 years): Helatrobus falls or is destroyed

(xiv)75 million years ago (7.5×107 years): Xenu commits his famous genocide and brainwashes his victims with the R6 Implants

(xv)50 million years ago (5×107 years): The Body Builder Incident

(xvi)200,000 years ago (2×105 years): The Marcab Confederacy is established

(xvii)Hundreds of years ago to hundreds of thousands of years ago":- The Marcab Invasion Force implants thetans with the Train Goals

(xviii)Circa 6235 BCE: The Fifth Invader Force invades the Solar System but is defeated by the Fourth Invader Force

(xix)AD 1150: The Espinol abandon our Solar System


Tom Cruise

John Travolta

Voice actor for sheff on South Park

So, any thoughts?

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    6 billion people on the face of the earth, 6 billion different beliefs.

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    dont bash other people just because you dont think its right..


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