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Is it worth it to upgrade from Serial ATA to Solid State Drive?

750GB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm <--- "this is what i get without an upgrade"


750GB Serial ATA Drive @ 7200 rpm [Add $50.00]

128GB Solid State Drive [Add $100.00]

256GB Solid State Drive [Add $500.00]

512GB Solid State Drive [Add $1,100.00]

Im planning to buy a macbook pro.

and please dont tell me to buy windows instead.

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    No. I might opt for the higher speed hard drive for an additional $50, but for everyday use the smaller solid state drives aren't going to bring you any great advantage. It's not worth the extra money they are asking.


    "Solid State drives are extremely fast."

    But unless you are doing intense gaming or video editing you aren't going to notice that much a difference.If you buy one from New Egg you will have to install the Apple operating system on that drive. This will be a time investment, especially if you've never done it before.

  • Truth
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    Do you plan on storing a lot?

    Solid State Drives are MUCH more reliable and are more energy efficient. If your storage needs are minimal ( movies, pictures, etc,), then it would be an excellent choice to get a 128GB Solid State Drive.

    If you need more than 128 GBs of storage, yet want the benefits of solid state drives, buy a Macbook with a normal drive and replace it with a Solid State Drive from Newegg. MUCH cheaper and you get a spare drive!

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    Serial ATA isn't a type of drive. It's the way that drives connect to the motherboard.

    Yes, it's worth it. Solid State drives are extremely fast. But, don't but the SSD's from Apple. They are extremely overpriced.

    But one from newegg.com

    Any 2.5 inch solid state drive will work with laptops

    3.5 inch will work with desktop computers.

    LOL i recognized the format the prices were in. They're from Apples website.

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    Solid State Drivers are also Serial ATA drives... they should list it as "Magnetic disk drive" and "Solid State Drive" as that would be more accurate.

    Anyway, it really depends; do you want more storage space or a faster drive? For me, I'd go with the standard drive.

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  • Mark N
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    At this time no, hardware wholesalers have raised the prices on all hard drives 75%, making even the smallest upgrade useless per dollar spent... So in turn all the prices have went up double or more on SSD's as well, it is nice what price gouging does to the economy... Highway robbery...

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    Solid state technology is not up-to-par yet. Just go with the SATA until prices drop on SSDs

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    you know its really expensive but if you don't have cash problem buy SSD because its speed become like your RAM your PC gonna be a High-End Machine with a SSD its really expensive but Awesome

    your Access time to data in your pc extremely goes up .but as i said its expensive if its been expensive and is.

    do what you think is good

    but you rich your dreams with ssd

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