Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia is how much percent curable?

acute lymphblastic leukemia (ALL) is a blood cancer types, if 7-8 years old child suffer from ALL then how much chances of cure that disease ,or is it chance of cure if infection is initial stage ,please give ans

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  • 9 years ago
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    Low/standard risk ALL actually has almost a 90% event free survival rate. High risk has a lower percentage. The most recent number I can find is 65% but I don't know if that reflects the very latest research information.

    ALL is not staged like other kinds of cancer. Patients are assigned different risk levels based on a number of criteria, including age (under 1 and over 10 automatically makes the patient high risk), white blood cell count at diagnosis (over 50,000 automatically makes the patient high risk), and cytogenetics. High risk patients are treated on a different protocol than standard risk patients.

    Source(s): Work in pediatric oncology.
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    hi, you relatively need to talk to the docs who've been treating her. there is various advice on the information superhighway yet attempting to understand what it potential is complicated. each case could be distinctive. One table shows a 40 to 60% survival fee for bone marrow transplant sufferers after 6 years. The graph is flat at that element , so it potential that while you're making it 6 years you would be able to stay an prolonged time after that. They dont tend to talk approximately remedies with maximum cancers . They communicate approximately remissions , relapses and survival expenses. From the stuff on the information superhighway it style of feels a particular form of bone marrow transplant has the appropriate restoration expenses. The well-being care provider would supply you an better understanding of the ailment, and any regulations there would desire to be for the destiny. good luck regardless of you settle on. Dont be ashamed in case you settle on which you cant marry the female. it relatively is amazingly complicated to handle that form of concern at an exceptionally youthful age . Do attempt nevertheless to be there for her as a pal .

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    There are several factors to take into consideration which you are not telling us, but overall 85% go into long term remission. Being 7-8 years old is also a good prognostic factor.

    Source(s): I am a cancer registrar.
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