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What does 8.7 mean for Staging Systems for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia ?

He was 8.7 last March,He goes back this March.

At what stage do they start treatment.


He says he has 2 yrs to live. I somehow dont believe him.

Update 2:

Im hoping that Denisedd or Spreedog can tell me what this means.

Im not sure of staging when it comes to CLL.

Update 3:

What stage does 8.7 mean in CLL.

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    Leukemia is not staged like other cancers as it is systemic.

    Now mind you this kind of staging goes far beyond what I do as it takes a hematologist to do this.

    Clinical staging determines when to start treatment and that is done by determining the leukemic infiltration of the bone marrow.

    The basic CLL involves lymphocytosis of the bone marrow and the blood. That is a stage 0.

    From there other factors increase the stage, such as an enlarged spleen or liver.

    In this case, I think the “8.7” is referring to the hemoglobin. Anything under 11.0 is a stage 3, with a median survival of 2 years. There isn’t a stage 8.7.

    Hope that makes sense.

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    I never heard of staging like that. I thought staging only went 1 to 4.

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