Why are Pakistan and India so socially divided?

I was talking to my Indian neighbour yesterday who began describing his distrust of someone because he was a "Paki". I've heard this is a common thing too, does it all come down to Pakistan being an Islamic state? What are the other reasons?


@ Super Sayen 3: I understand it all boils down to ignorance, but what are the reasons behind he distrust/prejudice that can occur between the two nations? What reasons do they give to justify it?

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    9 years ago
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    Pakistan and India are supposed to be two enemy states.


    1. Some Indians resent us since we became a seperate nation.

    2. At the time of the partition, thousand of Muslims migrating to Pakistan from India were killed brutally. Followed by the killings of many hindus and sikhs migrating from Pakistan to India.

    3. The Issue of Kashmir

    4. The seperation of Bangladesh from Pakistan. Bengalis wanted independence from us, and India interfered, even though it wasnt their problem :P

    5. Cricket rivalry

    But that doesnt mean I hate every Indian. I would never judge anybody because of their race or nationality.

    That guy is just racist.

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    Because of Hindu extremism. Mostly Hindus are Zionists and believe in some greater Bharat(India). But Muslims of India separated from Indians dividing India into three parts. Thats why they hate Pakistanis. Search 'Akhand Bharat'

    @Mikaal if u stop listening to racist wrong history tellers than u will come to know that Muslims actually made that culture. They brought Art, Music and Literature with them . Before Muslims India was divided into small thousands of states whose Rajahs Enslaved all 'What they call Low cast' people and keep on fighting among them selves. Muslims united India. And their is no doubt if u minus Muslim culture from present day Indian culture Zero will be the Answer.

    Source(s): History.
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    There are Muslim Indians too! I have nothing against Pakistani's! Only racist b****** do that.

    EDIT: I don't know exactly, but these are two possible reasons:

    1,The Hindu's didn't like the fact that Muslim's were gonna get a part of India for themselves(Yes, Pakistan was a part of India).That must've spread throughout India somehow, they're seen as traitor's somehow.

    2, Pakistan wanted Kashmir(a North Indian state) because the majority of people were muslims, they gave half of it to Pakistan, but they want the other half too. There have been several disputes over this and many small battles. You know how war hate spreads to the population, right?



    Why are you blaming muslims for this?

    EDIT: I agree with Agger.

    Source(s): South Indian Muslim.
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    That is because Pakistan - Like most Muslims want to put themselves on a pedestal amongst other communities & make out only their Islamic way of Life is the correct way to live.

    This problem has occurred within South Asia ever since the arrival of the Mughals a few Hundred Years Ago. And through all the forced conversions made on Hindus & Sikhs (Which would be followed by death if they did not succumb) & All the communal animosities.

    It was decided after the independence from the British Colonizations all the kingdoms under the British Raj would be divided into three new governments. India, Pakistan, East Pakistan (Which later on became Bangladesh).

    Ironically Pakistan was a country made for South Asian Muslims. Yet most Muslims in South Asia reside in India. They should leave & go to Pakistan.

    Source(s): South Asia had a history of Wealth, Valour, Artistry which the Barbaric Muslims destroyed.
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    there is nothing wrong among them, this is all only because of there governments and politicians who are using this issue as their politics. If you talk about culture then even India is a multi cultural country and there is huge different between Punjab and Tamil and many like this. this hate has been spread not not natural.

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    Actually Pakistani's and Indians get along really well. The Indian dude you are talking about is an exception.

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    9 years ago

    Pakistan brings shame to Indian muslims.

    Source(s): North indian hindu
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