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When is the last time MS-NBC reported the news?

News outside of politics.

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    it's a political station. it's like fox. it's all about politics 24/7. that's all they got; the latest 30 minute poll data. who the F cares?

  • Matt M
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    Probably when MTV played music videos.

    First of all, remember that the point of MSNBC isn't to report news, it's to sell advertising space to a particular demographic. In MSNBC's case that demographic is older people, who have a particular set of values and preferences (I think you might know what kind of values and preferences I'm talking about), just like Comedy Central and ESPN exist to sell advertising space to companies who want to target younger males, BET exists to sell advertising space to companies who want to target black people, etc.

    Like many networks, MSNBC has kind of shifted their programming to coincide with changes in their audiences viewing preferences. There is a target market out there that companies are trying to reach that consists of a bunch of people with a certain set of values and preferences, they're different than the people who watch say FOX NEWS, and they want to have programming that makes them keep watching so they can sell more Kashi cerreal, Ameritrade accounts and Progressive insurance policies (these are major MSNBC sponsors, at least as far as I can tell from all the commercials they show on MSNBC)

    The consumers in these companies' target markets apparently don't want to see all together too much in the way of news, but they do want to see editorial content that confirms their views and marginalizes other viewpoints. The fancy word for this, that makes it sound a little less backward is "analysis"

    I don't really see a problem, because there's plenty of real, hard news out there for people who have a preference for at least somewhat objective, open minded journalism, for the sake of journalism it's just that it's mostly on the internet, because they're not trying to make money (it costs basically nothing to be a journalist on the internet)

    BBC America and Public TV aren't bad though, if you simply must watch TV.

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