What should I get my boyfriend for christmas?

I am waiting for a jersey (the one gift he really wanted) to come in stock, but if it doesn't come before christmas I need a backup plan. I was thinking maybe a watch? I think most of his fam and my fam are getting him clothes or stuff he can use around the house. I want a present that's meaningful. I don't know if he would wear a ring or anything. I'm really unsure of what I should do. Please give me suggestions!


He loves football (The Philly Eagles) and hockey. Sports is his main interest/hobby.

Update 2:

He is 21.

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    You did not say how old he is, does he have a car? A gift card for an oil change or a car detailing would be nice.

    A big bowl full of individual serving snacks like peanuts and popcorn and trail mix etc so he can munch when his team is playing. Try to find a bowl in his team's colors. Do it up nice with some cellophane and a bow, buy the cellophane at Michael's crafts.

    A watch is nice, find one that looks like it is for sports. they might even sell one that looks like it is for a team.

    If his shirt does not come in, cut out a picture of it[or one similar to it], and wrap that up, so he knows it is coming. Mom and I did that a couple times when something for my very tall Dad did not come on time.

    Make or buy some of his favorite candy, package it in a tin.

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