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Why do people say the confederate flag is racist?

I was taught by my dad, who is from Tennessee, that it just has to do with southern culture regarding southern pride before the civil war, and not slavery support. When I visited the south-east (North Carolina), almost every other house had a confederate flag in the front yard and the cars had confederate flag bumper stickers.

Whenever it is mentioned in the media, however, it seems to be a symbol of racism.

I am not racist at all. I must admit that my dad can be racist sometimes, which gets on my nerves, but he has always been really nice to my friends of other races when they came to my house.

What does the confederate flag really mean both historically and in modern American society?

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    Anything can be a symbol of racism if a group of people who experience racial discrimination sees significance in it. It's not that long ago since I read about a case of racism where the racist symbol was a noose. Lots of people of all kinds of ethnicities have been hung in nooses, but now it's a symbol of racism against African Americans.

    That brings me to the answer above me that brought Halloween into this. A noose is something that's sometimes used at Halloween as decoration and now it's a symbol of racism. Does that mean that people who put up a noose at Halloween are all racists? Of course not. A spider net is also a symbol of racism for some reason. Does that mean that all spider nets should be banned and never be used again? Of course not.

    Lets continue on the topic. Christians burned witches on the stake because of their beliefs. Isn't Halloween then a cesspool filled with risks of people being offended over killed ancestors? No. Most people are sane that way.

    How about Santa that the other answer also brought up. Santa discriminates against poor people, but it is still politically correct to display and speak of him. Shouldn't all images of Santa be removed in the name of equality? No. Most people are sane that way too. That Santa is the symbol of inequality that causes millions of people sorrow once a year is not enough for him to be censored.

    The confederate flag was one of 3 flags used by the South during the war. It was a battle flag just like any other. That the flag represents the South does not mean that it was pro-slavery. The war was never about slaves either, it was all about money. The Northern idea of freeing the slaves was based on economics, not human rights and value.

    As for today, uneducated, misinformed and emotional people who don't think have decided that the flag is a symbol of racism at all times that it is used. It's not true of course, people fail to be sane that way. They see what they want to see and refuse to educate themselves about it.

    Source(s): Heritage not Hate: Dispelling the myths:
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    there are a great number of ignorant people who will respond with lack of understanding, or emotion, to the question. it is genuine of any question related to the accomplice conflict flag (no longer the "Stars and Bars", which replaced right into a completely diverse flag). the fact, however, is that the flag is by using no skill "racist". it is ordinary to place a label like that on something at present. it is in basic terms a term that rather has no which skill, yet is used to silence people who disagree with you. study what Charles Dickens, Lord Acton, and others had to assert relating to the warfare. It wasn't approximately slavery. It replaced into relating to the best of self selection--a similar element that the Colonials fought the progressive warfare over.

  • I think it has more to do with a person's race how it's viewed. For most Southern whites it has nothing to do with slavery or white supremacy. But for a black person it's a reminder of slavery and suppression. It's a Catch-22 for the meaning.

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    the fact that you have to ask this question without studying the history of it for yourself first tells me that you could be easily influenced one way or the other...i suggest that you do some research (your dad is a closet racist like most!) santa clause represents joy,presents,family etc... Halloween represents spookiness,candy costumes etc...that flag represents oppression,suffering,slavery,evilness and hatered, point is why would you want to identify that with something that brings other pain!

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