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ideal images






external environment


gastric disease






relieve tension

adequate rest

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  • 8 years ago
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    ideal images 理想形像(圖像)

    - the best possible ways that they appear to other people.


    satisfaction 滿足,滿意

    - the pleasure that you feel when you do something or get something that you wanted or needed to do or get.

    If you do something to someone's satisfaction, they are happy with the way that you have done it.

    identification 認明,鋻定,身分證明

    - recognition and naming someone or something

    - an official document that shows or proves who you are

    emotions 感情, 情感

    - feelings such as happiness, love, fear, anger, or hatred.

    psychological 心理學的,精神上的

    - concerned with a person's mind and thoughts or relating to psychology.

    fluctuate 變動,上下,動搖

    - changes a lot in an irregular way.

    external environment 外在環境

    - outside natural surrounding, condition

    evade 逃避,閃避

    - to avoid or escape from someone or something

    gastric disease胃病

    - illnesses that occur in someone's stomach.

    perspectives 遠景,看法

    - ways of thinking about something, especially one that is influenced by your beliefs or experiences.

    stress(n) 壓力,緊迫, 應力,重點,重音, (v) 加壓力於,著重,重讀

    - great worry caused by difficult situastion

    - strong physical pressures applied to an object.

    -[v] to give emphasis or special importance to something

    motivation 刺激;推動;動機

    - the need and reason or enthusiasm to do something

    goal(n) 目標,終點,球門, (v) 得分

    - something that you hope to achieve, especially when much time and effort will be needed.

    - a point scored in some sports, such as football

    sources 來源, 出處

    - sources of something are the person, place, or thing which you get it from.

    relieve tension 減輕壓力, 緩解緊張

    - make the feeling of worry ,anxiety less unpleasant or causes it to disappear

    adequate rest 足夠的休息

    If you have a adequate rest, you do not do anything active for some time.

    Source(s): Oxford English Dictionary
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