Whats a chinese sword called other than a jien?

Ik a japanese swords called a katana but what about a chinese sword other than jien or dao?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Chinese swords are called many different names.

    'Jian' are straight and double edged. 'Dao' are usually curved and have one edge (but are not always swords; some are polearms, such as the Guan Dao

    These two main sword types (Jian and Dao) can also be further classified into the time period they came from, eg:

    Song Dao (From the Song Dynasty)

    Han Jian (From the Han Dynasty)

    Tang Jian / Dao (From the Tang Dynasty)

    Or by who used them, eg:

    Miao Dao (Used by the Miao tribe)

    Or by style of swordsmanship / martial art:

    Taiji Jian (Tai Chi Jian)

    Bagua Dao (Large Bagua Dao)

    Or by what they were used for:

    Zhan Ma Dao, or Po Dao (Horse Cutting Dao)

    There are also many others. See Alex HuangFu's book "Iron and Steel Swords of China" for numerous examples with photos.


    Japanese swords also have many different names, depending on what type of sword is being referred to, simple examples:

    tanto, wakizashi, katana, tachi

    Other examples:

    uchigatana, handachi, yoroidoshi, chisagatana, kaiken, gunto, odachi.

    The yari (not to forget the jumonji yari), naginata and nagamaki are Japanese pole arms.

    Korean swords are interesting too.. sort of a mix of Chinese and Japanese swords. Located between the two countries, and with a lot of back and fourth trade and warfare over the years, there was influence from all sides, along with some sword forging techiniques that were pioneered in ancient Korea....but that is a whole 'nother rabbit hole.

    Some examples of Korean swords include the Yedo and Geom. The Hyeopdo and Woldo are Korean polearms.

    Source(s): Longtime interest in swords of all cultures, particularly Japanese swords, but all swords in general.
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    Chinese Sword Types

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    No. 剑 (jian) and 刀 (dao) are the two broad categories used for sword classification. Each character in Chinese has its own meaning, and for "sword/ knife" these are the two characters used.

    Hope this helps! :)

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