Should I become a master electrician or joi. The navy?

I'm a jr at a technecal high school and I'm going to become a electrician. Ever sence I was a little kid I wanted join the navy. Now Im not shure wether or not I should go to collage right away and become a master electrician or join the navy which I am seriously considering. I need some help and not a bunch of people telling me to follow my heart.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Following your heart is not a bad thing, just not always practical.

    am not familiar with technical high schools so bear with me-- am guessing that your classes are geared toward your choice of becoming an electrician?

    at this point - go talk to a navy recruiter. show/tell them about your school program. its possible they will suggest continuing school as an electrician would be valuable and save them having to train you.. then again they might want you to be trained by them.

    the only caveat - once in the service they will send & train you for whatever THey want you to do. not neccessarily what you want.. so the more qualified you are the more choice you have..

    good luck.

  • 4 years ago

    maximum states require a volume of time working under a grasp Electrician, this term in Maryland is 7 years. that's additionally elementary as your apprenticeship time. There are some colleges that run 2 or 3 evenings a week to assist this. they are ABC colleges. The affiliation of builders and Contractors. After your 7 years of coaching under the grasp you're then accredited to take the Masters attempt. in case you bypass it you substitute right into a grasp Electrician. some states even have Journeyman Licenses. this lets you perform a little artwork as an electrician and run a small team of folk. To substitute right into a Journeyman takes approximately 4 years. I left a police branch at age 35 and started education as an electrician. on the instant i'm 40 seven years old. i'm now a senior electrician with a protection Contractor. I additionally perform a little electric engineering for them. you are able to to this at your age yet you rather need to love this variety of artwork with a view to pass forward. i wish this helped you out.

  • 9 years ago


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