What should I do? Starting a relationship advice?

I recently started working at this place and there is a guy that also works there who is one year older than me. I'm almost 17... He's 18. Well whenever he sees me at work he talks to me a lot.. And now that we have got to know each other..whenever we see each other at school he smiles and says "hey". I KNOW this doesn't mean he likes me... But I kind of like him. How do I move this relationship forward... I want to start texting him... But I'm shy. Should I just wait? Or what...? Idk:/

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  • 9 years ago
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    .Might be a good idea to try to mprove the work situation.You could ask him how he spends his weekends.That lets him know you're interested in what he does socially.As you can build on this

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