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I'm looking for some middle names for these names (I'm not pregnant but I'm planning for the future):

~Baby Girl Names~









































~Baby Boy Names~






















What do you think of these name combos:

~Baby Girl Names~

-Sophia Emily

-Olivia Juliet

-Izabella Kaylah

-Lucille Josephine (Lucy)

-Kayleigh Alyssa

-Aaliyah Faith

~Baby Boy Names~

-Jasper Graysyn

-Logan Cayden

-Tyler Jacob

-Ayden Elijah

-Ross Wesley

*If you have other names you think I would like you can leave them or if you have alternative spellings you can leave those too*

Thanks :)

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    9 years ago
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    ~Baby Girl Names~

    -Abigail Charlotte

    -Lily Sophia

    -Brooklyn Priscilla

    -Alexia Christine

    -Claire Piper

    -Reagan Eleanor

    -Adeline Rebecca

    -Payton Elizabeth

    -Emma Caroline

    -Annaliese Joanne

    -Mallory Suzanne

    -Alice Delaney

    -Emmeline Cerise

    -Madeleine Arlette

    -Sophia Taylor

    -McKenna Renee

    -Becca Lynne

    -Micah Julianne

    -Vivian Laurel

    -Cameron Elise

    -Nina Quinn

    -Keira Felicity

    -Ada Blaire

    -Annabelle Jeannette

    -Emerson Colette

    -Gianna Rosemarie

    -Sierra Noelle

    -Kennedy Maureen

    -Zoe Calista

    -Shana Marguerite

    -Lindsay Jillian

    -Erica Lisette

    -Jada Philippine

    -Katrina Brielle

    -Jasmine Aurora

    ~Baby Boy Names~

    -James Fillmore

    -Ryan Connolly

    -Braden Theodore

    -Carter Nathaniel

    -Owen Grant

    -Jason Kirkpatrick

    -Nolan Blake

    -Keegan Frost

    -Landon Reed

    -Emmett James

    -Ross Parker

    -Brenden George

    -Tyson Kyle

    -Jadon Ezekiel

    -James Booker

    -Benjamin Charles

    -Jeremy Lane

    -Zachary Dean

    -Jonathan Quaide

    What do you think of these name combos:

    ~Baby Girl Names~

    -Sophia Emily – both names have three syllables – 2.5/5

    -Olivia Juliet – 3/5

    -Isabella Kaylah – 0/5 - Isabelle Kyra – 3/5

    -Lucille Josephine (Lucy) – 3.5/5

    -Kayleigh Alyssa – the names run together – 0/5 – Alyssa Kylie – 3/5

    -Aleah Faith – 3.5/5

    ~Baby Boy Names~

    -Jasper Grayson – both names have two syllables – 2.5/5 – Jasper Gray – 3.5/5

    -Logan Caden – both names have two syllables – 2.5/5 – Logan Cade – 3.5/5

    -Tyler Jacob – both names have two syllables – 2.5/5 - Tyler Jake - 3/5

    -Aiden Elijah – 3/5

    -Ross Wesley – too many S’s too close together. 2/5 – Jonathan Wesley – 4/5

    Happy Holidays!


  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Vivian Alicia

    Emmersynn Avery

    Destiny Cadence

    Alexa River

    Jeremy Jonathan

    Keegan Ryer

    Emmett David Michael Jay

    Ross Jayson

    My own :)-

    Lyleigh Meredith

    Bae Averi Esmerelda

    Kasayuna Steltyn

    Grae Jinjer

    Ari Maire

    Zaneia Felicity

    Kori Jaylin

    Riley-Flynn Hope

    Ryker Eltley

    Xander Jax

    Phylus Rome

    Quigley Jerryd

    Alister Bobert

    Morgen Tommis

    Adyn Rossley

    Lowelldon Marcus Frederick

    Jasper Brian

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    9 years ago

    ~Baby Girl Names~

    Abigail Joy

    Lilly Teresa

    Claire Elisabeth

    Reagan Isabella

    Adalynn Shae **I really, really like this

    Emma Claire **a favorite combo

    Annaliese Catherine (prefer Anneleisse) **love this

    Madylyn Cate (prefer Madeleine Cate)

    Makenna Grace **really like this

    Annabelle Reilly

    Gianna Marie

    Kennedy Mae

    Zoe Makenna

    Lyndsey Elise (prefer Lindsay Elise)

    ~Baby Boy Names~

    James Ryan

    Ryan Edward

    Carter James

    Owen Michael

    Landon Christopher

    Kayden Craig (prefer Caden or Kaden)

    Benjamin Alexander

    Zachary Liam

    Johnathan Matthew (prefer Jonathan)

    What do you think of these name combos:

    ~Baby Girl Names~

    -Sophia Emily-- pretty

    -Olivia Juliet-- pretty

    -Izabella Kaylah-- ehh. I prefer Isabella Kayley. I'm not a huge fan of ending both names with the same sound.

    -Lucille Josephine (Lucy)-- VERY pretty!

    -Kayleigh Alyssa= pretty

    -Aaliyah Faith- sounds nice

    ~Baby Boy Names~

    -Jasper Graysyn-- I really like this, but prefer Jasper Grayson

    -Logan Cayden - I like the names separately... would prefer Logan Alexander and Cayden Michael

    -Tyler Jacob -- sounds nice

    -Ayden Elijah-- sounds nice, but prefer Aidan Elijah

    -Ross Wesley- it's okay

  • #@%
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    9 years ago

    I'll choose the names I like the most from your list and give middle names for them.

    Claire Adeline

    Emma Charlotte

    Sophia Lucy

    Vivian Audrey

    Nina Caroline

    Ada Juliet

    Katrina Violet

    James Oliver

    Hayden Samuel

    Benjamin Liam

    Jeremy Adam

    Of the name combos, I like: Olivia Juliet, Lucille Josephine, and Tyler Jacob.

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  • 9 years ago

    I like:

    Emma Lillian

    Mallory Jade

    Vivian Michelle

    Emmaline Violet

    Nina Elisabeth

    Annalise Charlotte

    James Nathaniel

    Ryan Thomas

    Owen Matthew

    Jason Samuel

    Benjamin Reid

    Emmett Joseph

    Nolan Elliot (love this one!)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    From the combos you wrote i think Sophia Emily & Ayden Elijah would be pretty awesome names. I know Sophia Emily is probably very common but it's still a beautiful name. I like Ayden Elijah because it sounds to go pretty well together and it's not your regular/common name like 'jack john' its pretty unique.

    As for the other names on your list i like Annaliese, it's my name except mine is spelt 'Analiese'. We dont have many people in the world called Annaliese so i think that would be perfect. A middle name to go with it could be Kate, Annaliese Kate.

    For a boy name i like Blake Eliott, it's not on your list but i think its nice.

    Hope this helps! (:

  • 9 years ago

    I'm not answering all this

    But first PLEASE don't use crazy spellings. Use ordiginal spellings : Brooklyn , Adeline.

    Second don't use Peyton as a girls name.

    For middle names, I'm going to pick my favorites then give you some middle names for them.

    Abigail : Grace , Zoe , Lauren , Kayla , Rachel , Delaina , Holly , Madeline , Natalie

    Brooklyn : Mae , Marie , Rose , Lillian , Alyssa, Addison

    Claire : Elaina , Alaina , Elizabeth , Holly , Kelsey , Kayleigh , Gianna , Leanna , Savannah , Sabrina , Serena , Victoria

    Adalyn : Rae , Laine , Lillian , Marie , Grace , Catherine , Kate , Jade , Jane , Zoe , Kimberly ,Samantha , Kelsie

    Jeremy : Austin , Jacob , Joshua , Adam , Cody , Cole , Colton , Andrew , Drew , Dillon

    For your combinations, again please use orhinal spellings : Kayla , Isabella , Grayson. Please don't use all those y's in masculine names because its SO gay.

    For your combinations instead of Isabella Kayla, try Kayla Isabella. If it was this way I rate it 8/10.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I like Tyler Jacob

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The name that I was thinking of was Lily Grace for a girl. Like, either Lily her first name and Grace her middle name or something like that. maybe even Grace Lily? And for a boy the name I like is Daniel Trevor. Something like thaaaat. but, its totally up to youuuuu.

  • 4 years ago

    i don't get why it is even a query. this is precisely the way you mentioned it... First call = Andrea center call = Rose First final call = Garcia 2d final call = Cunhe Andrea Rose Garcia Cunhe

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