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what is btvstack.exe on skype?

on my skype it asked me to "allow access" or "deny access" to btvstack.exe. or something to that extent, and i didnt know what that was, so can someone tell me, what is it? and is it safe?

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  • Tamim
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    8 years ago
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    This program is normally the Bluetooth Manager on your computer. If you are not using a headset or Bluetooth headset, there is no need to leave BtvStack access Skype.

    Generally, if you do not know what the program that want to use Skype, deny him access. You can always change your mind later via Tools > Options > Advanced > Advanced Settings > Manage other programs access to Skype.

    Hope This Information Helpful.



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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    There are two central and ANNOYING issues when installing Skype ( on a PC or Laptop (Win 8); Pop up Ads and Bluetooth BTVSTACK.EXE.

    So… the ads at the bottom of the Skype screen. Get rid of them inside Skype:

    Tools / Options / Alerts and Messages; Deselect Promotions; done!

    Now, the Bluetooth btvstack.exe at the top of the screen. Oy! So, if you do NOT plan to link up your cell phone blue tooth headset (say to your Win 8 Laptop), then to get rid of these annoying btvstack.exe messages like this:

    Again.. Windows 8.1 - Go to Start. Search on Bluetooth to get the Bluetooth Control Panel. When you get to the Bluetooth Settings panel, Deselect the option at the top that says:

    Allow Bluetooth devices to send you PIM items such as business cards, calendar items, e-mail messages, and notes.

    I have tested this extensively. It does resolve the issue. If not right away for you, be sure to save the setting, then reboot.

    I also tested inserting a blue tooth dongle for a remote PowerPoint presentation, worked just fine.

    If you do want to use your Bluetooth headset, well, easy to reverse the option deselected above if needed.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    i have a question, is my video messages will be saved on my laptop? or is there a history also in my laptop? where? even if i deleted them on skype history?

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    Mobile phones

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    amazed that I found this topic already answered! it's like you've read my mind!

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  • 3 years ago

    Thx for the answers EVERYONE xx

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  • 6 years ago

    It helped me understanding the issue .. Thanks Tamim..

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