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Costs of becoming an exchange student?

Hello, I'm a 13 year old British girl, who is interested in becoming an American exchange student. Could anybody inform me of costs, or perhaps sites that will help me with my research into becoming an exchange student. Any tips? Or people who have been exchange students before? There experiences?


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    I was an exchange student in Alabama some 10 years ago. I stayed for an entire school year, and remember it quite fondly. I still have contact with my host parents.

    I went with EF foundation, which I can recommend, but it was very expensive. They do provide you with a good network of support staff, which me to overcome some obstacles.

    I must admit, I don't really know what it would cost now. EF does dig deep into your pockets though, and well beyond the plane tickets. I think my plane tickets were about 1/5, maybe even 1/6 of what we payed EF. This does NOT include expenses during your stay. It only covers said plane tickets, staff salaries and some minor things. Therefore it's a good idea to make sure you have a good amount of money saved up beyond pocket money. Like for schoolbooks, clothes, gas money etc..

    I know there are quite a few good exchange programs out there besides EF. Maybe Rotary has something for you?

    When you do your research on other exchange programs, be sure to check what you are actually paying for. A big nono would be if your host family recieves some kind of payment. The simple reason for this is, that you should regard yourself as part of your host family, not a maid or au pair. Your stay is schoolrelated, not workrelated. I've heard some stories about this... not good.

    Does your payment include preliminary courses on what to expect during your stay (Culture shock, homesickness etc.) and give you tools to overcome these sorts of things, like a support staff of regional coordinators? Do they inform you in advance about the pitfalls and dangers before your upcoming stay?

    Also when researching; be vary of sales pitches. These organisations, including EF, put a lot of work into making these trips look and sound like it's glitter and glamour. You are almost certainly bound to run into hard times. In extreme cases some families might not even be well suited for hosting an exchange student, whether it's because of lack of time, personal diffirences between you and them etc.. That's not the organisations fault necessarily, and quite hard to cover for. I was very lucky to end up with a good family, who had the time and resources to care for me, but I met a few other students (among many) who weren't as lucky, and had to move one or twice.

    I hope this gave you some perspective

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