renault 5 gt turbo vs. citroen c2 vts?

i am starting driviong next year, and do not have a clue what to get, i have done some research and came up with these two cars to chose from,

renault 5 gt turbo (1.4 turbo, max 130mph standard, good reviews, 1989- 1991 *£2000 about)

citroen c2 vts (flappy paddle gearbox, 1.4, decent looking, 2001- 2005 *£2000 about)

firstly, you will notice from the specs is that their is a huge 10 year gap between these cars, and you would imagine what safety rating the renault has,(im saying *** ncap) anyway, what would be an advantage to me is the turbo as i like speedy cars, but the citroen's flappy paddle style gearbox may help as i am a young driver and enjoy these types of creature comforts while driving (especially long journeys), anyway to sum up, the renault 5 and citroen will be about the same on insurance as the renault 5 is a classic this year!, Also, what makes me want the renault is the fact my dad used to own one, and he says it was very good to drive and is a good thrill when you feel like going fast too. the cars do not compare as they have absolitely nothing in common, but as a first time driver, what will be the best car for me to get???

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  • 9 years ago
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    thought about tuning a C2?

  • 4 years ago

    C2 Vts Turbo

  • 9 years ago

    I've owned both and can tell you what they are generally both are like, so listen up!

    RENAULT 5 GT TURBO - will be quicker than the c2 vts, however at a price not worth paying. There is no power steering, interior comforts, driver aids, old carburettor fuel intake design (drinks the juice), basically a raw car. They rust extremely badly and you'll be lucky to find one than has been on the wrong side of a hedge! On a long journey, from my experience we won't even go there!

    C2 VTS - slightly slower than the R5GTT however is a more modern up to date car, easier for everyday driving.

    To some everything thing up, if you like a blast in the past go for the R5, but if you want to keep the car more than a week go for the C2 VTS

    Source(s): owned both
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    9 years ago

    Well since you like speedy cars you should be aware than "turbo" does not necessary means faster car, actually sometimes more power does not mean faster car, you need much more specs to find that out.

    You can use a car performance simulator to virtually take any car and run comparison tests to help you decide, try at

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