ATF approved in airsoft?

What does it mean it says this gun is ATF approved.

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    That sounds like it's official, but really, all Airsoft guns sold in the US are ATF approved. How else would they be allowed into the country? Evike is known to be really sneaky or a little deceptive on their advertising. Better to go with a more honest retailer. Personally, I would get it at Airsplat! They have great service, really fast shipping and the best prices online - GUARANTEED!!

    You can find this information and more on the following link:

    I hope my answer helped you.

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    Atf Approved

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    The ATF was a dumbass a while ago and acciedentally seized gbb airsoft guns because their idiot crew thought they were real and they didnt have orange tips. Now to cover up for that and a few other **** ups the ATF only approves guns that it says are "safe" and cannot be converted into a real gun, however no gbb airsoft gun can be converted unless you replace everything. THus making it easier to smuggle in a real rifle then convert an airosf tone since no original parts wold be left

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