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What do you think of my top 26 political heroes?

Thomas Paine

Thaddeus Stevens

Abraham Lincoln

Charles Sumner

Frederick Douglass

Eugene Debs

Robert La Follette

Teddy Roosevelt

William Jennings Bryan

W.E.B. Du Bois

Frances Perkins

Franklin Roosevelt

Harry Truman

Dwight Eisenhower

Earl Warren

Ella Baker

Lyndon Johnson (a mixed bag but still)

Thurgood Marshall

Malcolm X

Cesar Chavez

Martin Luther King

Ralph Nader

John Lewis

Bernie Sanders

Paul Wellstone

Russ Feingold

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    I don't think much of Debs, LBJ, Malcolm X, Nader, Sanders, or Wellstone.

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    Chavez was a Communist. He got what he deserved. It is unfortunate for Cuba that Castro did not meet a simular end. Batista's rule would have ended soon enough and perhaps Democracy could have had a chance.

    Malcom X was a racist of the highest order.

    Lyndon Johnson? What did he do?

    Ralph. Nader would shun the label of political hero. He considered himself (is he still alive?) a consumer advocate.

    Martin Luther King, too would not refer to himself as a political hero or even as a hero. True, he had his faults but the man did have a vison and he put it all on the line to make that vison a reality. . On the other hand his family will hang any title on him that they belive will earn them a buck. King was beyond politics in a sense. He was more concerned with the human conditon. Politics was but one tool that he used. When you see what he risked and sacrificed for t hat vision you realize what a fraud Al Gore is. He talks the talk but cruises around in monster limos and SUVs and flies in private jets. Ralph Nader drove himself around in a used subcompact.

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    Your list SUCKS because you don't have GLENN BECK on there!

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    They're okay by me.

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