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Some questions about Rotation?

I have only played it a few times but I want to practice it a little bit more.

Is it call shot or slop. Have you ever seen anyone break and run a rack of it

If a foul is committed do you leave the cue ball where it is at or ball in hand behind the head string

Am i right in assuming it might be a little tough on an 8ft table. Every time I have heard people talk about Rotation they seem to only like to play on 9ft where the balls may spread more after the break

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    Rotation is not a call shot game. I hate the word "slop." It's just the rules of the game. It's like complaining in basketball because someone banked a jumpshot in. I don't know, maybe it's just annoying because so many bar players say it like playing "slop" is so terrible, and then they step to the table and are completely horrid players.

    No, I've never seen anyone run out, but I've never played anyone but my friends and the last time I racked up a game was 10 years ago. I'm sure our friends in the Philippines see run outs on a fairly regular basis.

    I personally feel 8 foot tables are the easiest to play on, for all games. You don't get the clustering of a 7 foot table, and you don't get the super long shots you sometimes see on 9 foot tables. I suppose if someone were exclusively a 9 Ball player (and not particularly good at it) that's clueless of how to deal with clusters, an 8 foot table might be slightly more difficult, but I think most players will find it easier to play on an 8 foot table.

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