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How quickly can a cat die if it ate rat poisoning?

I found my cat dead outside after it was with us minutes before and had been just fine. I don't really understand. He had no cuts or anything on him. It just didn't make sense. If it wasn't rat poisoning, what else could it have been?

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    ahh thats awful =( someone could have shot it . someone shot my simease and my older cat both with a bee bee gun . it was hard to find at first since their hair was covering the wound but someone could have fed him anti freeze. its in the news here that some guy has been poisoning neighborhood cats and dogs with antifreeze.

    there are a lot of really mean sick people out there. next cat you get i'd keep him inside

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    It takes a while for rat poison and anti-freeze. He could have had a weak heart (stroke, heart attack, heat, etc) or had a brain problem (seizure, tumor, etc). Or something else could have been wrong with an organ. Internal bleeding is a possibility if he fell, got hit with something, or anything else that could cause trauma.

    There's multiple things it could have been and the only way to know is for a vet to do a necropsy. :/

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    It takes some hours for rat poison [warfarin] to result in death.

    I don't know what it could have been. I have seen animals get killed by cars without breaking the skin, so that could be a possibility. Another possibility would be a congenital aneurism or similar defect, which often shows no signs or symptoms until it ends in sudden death.

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    It takes at least 24 hours for rat poison to break down the blood vessel walls in a cat to the point where it bleeds to death internally.

    You cat likely had a stroke OR heart attack.

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