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    Parents seeking an elite school that "gantry" is a worry-free, but "seek score study" harm children at any time. An average of two to five students committed suicide, and mood disorders caused by academic pressure for help even further than this.After junior high school girls enrol in English exam package, pressure blasting pot-induced anxiety disorder to be suspended from school for a year, eventually have to change schools attending vocational courses; some parents even extra-curricular activities are also seeking scores.Psychologists, youth to primary school children had understood that the second suicide, parents don't when they joke and lightly (see other article-"small also called suicide teachers not to neglect the second when playing"), And also must not ask first time after school children "learn today what? 」An average of 2 to 5 children suicide deathAccording to the Jockey Club Centre for suicide prevention, according to 05-09 years in each of the two to five children under 15 years of age who committed suicide, that is, for every 10,000 children in the age, there are two to six people were killed.

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    Yesterday, a primary five students suspected due to academic issues jumped to commit suicide (see other article-"day two small five elite students commit suicide jump from the dead").

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    Increasingly high requirements of today's parents to their children, not only is much better, but also top.

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    Blue Sky Psychology Counseling Center registered clinical psychologist Zou Kai poem

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    means during exam season, receiving particularly large number of requests for help, students for help due to anxiety, mostly academic pressures, not the parents too much rush Valley, are children of their own that is too high.

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    She pointed out that there have been a help seeker to junior high school girls, primary school exam the first year after year, after rises in the first group of British, have not caught, hit the floor Kobo,

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