What non-wrestling activity would be easier for you to partake in seeing it being taught by a wrestler?

I ask this question because I'm a dude tgat will start doing Yoga and to my surprise, the Yoga video I downloaded was being taught by the one and only D-D-P!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Body building for one thing. HHH was a body builder as well as Hogan and Batista before they joined wrestling.

    Acting, atleast in action movies. Pff!!, I know how to take a shot gun to the face!!! *imagine taking a bump from HBK's sweet chin music*

    Writer, the stuff you see when you travel the world, working with wrestlers? Write them down and its a best seller. *thumbs up*

    Running for governor. If Jesse "The Body" Ventura can do it, why the hell can't I? LOL

  • lol..that was funny when i first found out bout 5 yrs ago DDP decided to retire to do yoga..WTF lol..I guess that cheesy gimmick he had in WWE does go with yoga tho..

    Hmm..non wrestler activity..well Id like to workout with John Morrison..then when i lose enough weight lol..id like to try to do some parkay

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