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POLL : Women Do you like men who has a Six Pack Abs?

Im skinny but Im gonna get Six Pack Body Im Sure once I get a Six Pack Abs Women will be all over me once they see me Shirtless in a Picture

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    dude women love 6 packs, all the girls saying they do not care for it are being nice and sure women yes are choosier sex for many reasons but they dont place such huge emphasis i feel only direct looks.

    Get a 6 pack- all you got to do is look around on Yahoo answers or old questions like 8/10 the girls/women say they like 6 packs and than they say ( its not all that maters, i dont care for it nor have i dated guys with it, blah blah blah, i like personality) So yes your personality maters a lot and how you treat them. But honestly if they may love there husbands and Boyfriends, but if they boyfriends magically 1 day had a 6 pack the women would love it. Just like men would love it if magically there wives all became skinny and had killer model looking bodies with great pair of natural boobs.

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    Woman With 6 Pack

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    I think most of women like six pack abs and in general, like men who have athletic bodies. of course personality and kindness are very important also. but who said that if a guy has six pack abs then he must be evil, unkind, and likes to show off?

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    You don't have to be a show off! I am a woman and I think it is sexy to have a six pack abs. However, you don't have to over do it.

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    Disclaimer: While six pack abs are awesome on a man, it's not a NEED. I love my husband the way he is. Six pack would be nice, but I don't need it.

  • Marion
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    5 years ago

    Of course, who wouldn't love a six pack on a guy? but, if the guy is too muscular, it's just like DA FUQ

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    I like men who use proper grammar and don't Capitalize Random words in Sentences.

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    yes we do, but the looks aren't the only thing we look for in a man. intelligence ad kindness matters also! your personality is he most important part to us. If you have a six pack but your also a dick, than no girls will be all over you trust me.

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    OMG ! Yes!! but seriously as long has his stomach is flat and not pot-bellie or muffin -top . I'm ok with with a nice flat stomach.

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    No, I don't. It is scary to see that especially when it is

    not covered because usually those who has it have an intention to show off.

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