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Michael myers vs Jason Voorhees?

I want to see who would win in a fight and fair argument not just little children saying "because he's better!" bring out the facts and prove who's better. I am a voorhees fan but that's just me, also I'll Start off by saying one of my own

Michael Myers- he's a death machine who can't be stopped, described as pure evil and has super human strength tall and smart. Won't stop killing and has proven to back up what's being described (whole Michael Myers movies)

Weapon: kitchen Knife

Jason Voorhess- also a famous well known killing machine who is unstoppable and only can a voorhees die by another voorhees (Jason goes to Hell) and is already dead and also has super human strength as well as tall

Weapon: Machete

Sum Up: there both pretty matched up but Jason has the machete factor which shows that a machete has a longer reach than a Kitchen Knife (logic) but Michael Myers has smarts over Jason. Also only can a Voorhees be killed by another Voorhees......

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    Easy, Jason can't actually be killed (because he came back from Hell). He wins.

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