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Marc asked in Games & RecreationCard Games · 10 years ago

Tips on my gravekeepers?


Monsters 21

Gravekeepers Visionary 2x

Gravekeepers Spy 3x

Gravekeepers Desendant 3x

Gravekeepers Assailant 2x

Gravekeepers Recruiter 2x

Gravekeepers Guard 2x

Gravekeepers Chief 2x

Gravekeepers Commandant 3x

Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

Blackwing-Gale the Whirlwind

Spells 12


Crashbug Road

Royal Tribute

Swords of Revealing Light

Mystical Space Typhoon

Smashing Ground

Heavy Storm

Dark Hole

Gravekeepers Stele 2x

Traps 7

Bottomless Trap Hole

Rite of Spirit 2x

Mirror Force

Seventools of the Bandit 2x

Sakuretsu Armor

Extra 3

Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth

Blackwing Armed Wing 2x

FYI: crashbug road speeds up the deck a little, just a tip.

3 Answers

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    I used to run GK until about 3 weeks ago, and I went to many tournaments, watched lots of helpful videos online and really got a feel for what makes a good gravekeeper's deck. For starters you have way too many monsters. You want 15 tops, with no tributes.

    Usually the best way to go is: Descendant x 3, Recruiter x 3, Spy x 3, Commandant x 3, Gale x 1 and then either 1 Assailant and 1 Guard, or 2 Assailants. Yes I know Visionary is all powerful and that, but the entire idea behind Gravekeeper's is to maintain hand and field control, so you don't want to be tributing a good monster for Visionary, nor do you want to be discarding your good monsters for it either. Besides, Descendant and Assailant both have 2000 atk, 4 attacks direct from them and your opponent is screwed.

    Oh and whoever said that Descendant is a dead draw, how? It's a possible monster to be tributed for another descendant AND a 2000 beatstick that can be easily summoned. How is that ever a dead draw O.o

    Now then, on to the Spells, at least you're running 3 Necrovalleys, some fools think you only need 2.

    But yeah, you'll want:

    Necrovvalley x 3

    Royal Tribute x 2

    GK Stele x 2

    Pot Of Duality x 3 (You'll only special summon with Gale and Spy, and let's face it with 2500 def you may as well just let your opponent attack Spy in their own turn to do your special summoning for you)

    Wonder Wand (either one or two, having 2 can lead to dead draws, but you'll rarely draw it if you only have 1, but this card is a MUST, it's combos with Recruiter are enough reason alone, but also it allows Assailant to destroy just about any monster your opponent will ever summon, and lets Commandant get over Stardust Dragon, which can be a problem in such a destruction heavy deck)

    The other spells are mostly up to you, but I wouldn't advise Heavy Storm unless you're also running Malefic Stardusts, but Dark Hole and Book Of Moon are musts.

    As for traps, well don't run Rite Of Spirit. You have your Stele's to get back your monsters if needs be, and there are other much, much better traps you'll be needing.

    You'll definitely need:

    At least 1 Starlight Road, I prefer to main 2 if only because of Icarus Attack, Heavy Storm, Dark Hole, Torrential Tribute, Mirror Force, Karakuri Klock, Wall Of Thorns, etc, etc. Also it's a free Stardust that's still good for one negation.

    2 Dimensional Prisons, much better than Sakuretsu, Stardust can't stop it, and a banished card is pretty much gone for good.

    Solemn Judgment. This card is a must have for all decks. Yes half your LP can be a steep cost, but it is so, so worth it. I wouldn't bother with any Seven Tools either if I were you. Very few Traps this current format, and Descendant can blow up most of them anyway.

    So yeah, you may not like such a heavy critique of your deck, but trust me. Just run this for a while, once you get used to it you will find that with the exception of tier 1 decks very few decks will beat you.

    Oh one last thing, get a Blackwing Armor Master, a Brionac etc, the staple Synchro cards. Seeming as you only have 1 tuner, and can only use it once per game, you don't need that big an extra deck, but a bit of choice is always nice.

  • 10 years ago

    I main GK's so I'll give you some good tips. Only one Visionary, or none. Maybe take out one Descendant, it'll become a dead draw. Triple Recruiter no questions asked. One or no Cheifs. Definitely NO Kycoo. Using Gale is usually a bad idea with GK's, so no need for the synchs as well. No road, it just clutters the deck. You gotta double royal tribute. Maybe you should side swords. You don't need anymore destroy power at all so no smashing ground. Maybe you should take out Storm, you usually have Necrovalley on the field so I'd say no. As good as it looks you don't need Rite of Spirit, replace it with 2 Compulsory Evacuation Devices. Absolutely no sakuretsu, I am shock that you would contemplate running this, I can understand that it was good and that you may not have a Dimension Prison, invest in a structure deck which has prison in it. Just change some stuff but be original.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    i think you need to edit this deck, why have royal tribute when you have like 21 monsters that just ruins your hand as well as your opponent. gks dont run heavy storm they depend on necrovalley. I recommend running another recruiter, royal tribute., and deck devastation virus. get rid of swords, smashing ground, sakuretsu armour, use dimensional prison instead. add starlight roads and run utopia, steelswarm roach. run more msts. need allure of darkness and pot of duality, they help speed up the deck. could use some effect veilers, warnings, and solemn judgement.

    i made a gk deck before but i took apart of it but if you want to now my deck list go to my youtube channel and look for it. Im still working on a better gk deck.

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