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baltimore police vs Fbi police?

can somebody suggest a few advantages/ disadvantages the two may offer?

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    Baltimore City PD is a major city police department with a wide variety of career development opportunities. The "FBI police" which are responsible;e for safety and security at FBI facilities. They are sworn officers, but do not engage in investigations and have particularly limited jurisdiction.

    If you mean FBI Special Agent, that is a highly sought after job, and only the top candidates get selected.

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    Federal employee has FAR better benefits than a city employee (retirement, vacation, sick leave, etc.)

    The jobs are VERY different. City cop and FBI cannot be logically compared. One is a federal agent, and one is a city cop. One handles federal investigations and crimes, and one handles traffic accidents and residential burglaries and traffic control. The FBI also has tougher standards (educational, physical, etc.) than city PD has.

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