How do you stand on these controversial issues?

You can make a short or thorough statement on any or all of the listed issues. Feel free to add any, and state which issues you are the most passionate about.

1. Abortion Rights

2. Gambling

3. Population

4. Gangs

5. Pornography

6. Genetic Engineering

7. Poverty

8. Alcohol

9. Global Warming

10. Prayer In Public Schools

11. Afterlife

12. Animal Experimentation

13. Government Control

14. Gun Control

15. Prisons

16. Animal Rights

17. Beginning of time

18. Hate Crimes

19. Racism

20. Health Care

21. Rape

22. Biological Weapons

23. Homelessness

24. Religion

25. School Violence

26. Capital Punishment

27. Homosexuality

28. Sex Education

29. Censorship

30. Human Rights

31. Sexual Harassment

32. Child Abuse

33. Immigration

34. Smoking

35. Cloning

36. Internet Privacy

37. Stem Cells

38. Juvenile Offenders

39. Steroids

40. Media Violence

41. Suicide

42. Driving Under the Influence

43. Medical Ethics

44. Teenage Pregnancy

45. Drug Legalization

46. Mental Health

47. Terrorism

48. Eating Disorders

49. Middle East

50. Welfare

51. Endangered Species

52. National Security

53. Women’s Rights

54. Nuclear Weapons

55. Women In The Military

56. Euthanasia

57. Nutrition

58. Workplace Violence

59. Political Corruption

60. Having Children

61. Getting Married

62. Divorce

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Well done!! You all have done an exceptional job so far! :)

@surfnskate, I actually believe in no afterlife. I am not religious.

I will ask the readers to respect my beliefs and to refrain from educating me about what will happen to me when I die because we have different beliefs. Thank you.

Update 2:

63. Aliens

64. Ghosts

65. Psychics

66. Time travel

Other scifi or supernatural ideas?

6 Answers

  • Tod
    Lv 6
    8 years ago
    Best Answer

    I tried answering all of them, but Y!A says my response was too long. So, here are the highlights.

    1. Abortion Rights - I am personally against abortion, but I'm also a man. I don't see what right I would have to tell a woman what she can and can't do with her own body. I hope I'm never in that situation.

    5. Pornography - Hmmm..well, let me just say that I like pornography. However, it is a very destructive and corrupting thing. It has the power to ruin perfectly good lives. It should probably be illegal just for that reason.

    8. Alcohol - See pornography.

    10. Prayer In Public Schools - should be allowed only if the community supports it. I grow tired of State and Federal governments telling the people of small towns that what they have done and practiced all of their lives is suddenly wrong.

    11. Afterlife - I am new to this Christian stuff. I have a lot to learn, and a lot of life-long beliefs to overcome, but my Bible says there is an afterlife, so I have to go along with that.

    15. Prisons - America is extremely dysfunctional. The greatest evidence is in the way we treat our own people. We have the greatest percentage of citizens in prison of any industrialized nation. We have such a lust for locking people away and destroying their lives, instead of discovering where WE have gone wrong as a society, it's no wonder so many of us are screwed up. Prison should only be for violent people who have demonstrated a propensity for harming others. We must stop punishing people for having problems. Doing so will not make the problems go away, and will usually just make their problems worse until they become our problems. If we spent more time helping and less time hurting people, we'd be a better example for other countries to follow.

    18. Hate Crimes - Hate crime legislation was a good idea on paper that has gone too far. Feel good laws always end up hurting more people than they help. Eventually, only blue-eyed, white males will be the only people NOT on the hate crime list. Considering that I am a member of that particular group, I don't want to see the day when murderers get a discount for killing me over anyone else.

    25. School Violence - I say No to that.

    27. Homosexuality - Exists. Deal with it.

    28. Sex Education - Should be taught in elementary school, when kids are not biased by their own hormones. They can learn it the same as math, civics or any other thing they are required to know before they are old enough to understand it's implications.

    31. Sexual Harassment - Is hard to define. If I say to a woman, 'I like your blouse', I assure you that I only mean it as a compliment about the blouse and her fashion choice, not just another way of saying I like your boobs. I shouldn't be afraid to complement a woman's attire for fear of loosing my job. BUT, unfortunately there are creepy guys who want to spoil it for the rest of us by making everybody uncomfortable with their comments, gestures, etc.

    33. Immigration - If we keep giving jobs to illegal immigrants, they'll keep taking them. Until we stop hiring them, nothing else we do will work. If I knew there was a better life for me and my family in a neighboring country, and all I had to do if figure out how to get across a stinkin' fence, try and stop me!

    45. Drug Legalization - Nope. Not the answer. This is primarily a young people's problem. Give young poeple a reason to NOT want to do drugs. If we can't do that, we've failed as a society. Legalizing drug abuse is just another way of saying, 'Go ahead...F#ck up your life. I don't care anymore!!'

    Source(s): IMHO
  • 8 years ago

    1. Abortion: pro-choice

    2. Gambling: fine in moderation

    3. Population: needs control

    4. Gangs: stop gang"wars"

    5. Porn: helps the economy

    6. Genetic Engineering: could help the future

    7. Poverty: take politicians' money

    8. Alcohol: fine in moderation

    9. Global warming: unlikely

    10. Prayer in Public Schools: keep it in church

    11. Afterlife: looking forward to mine

    12. Animal Experiments: needs to stop

    13. Government Control: I vote anarchy

    14. Gun Control: self-defense

    15. Prisons: over crowded

    16. Animal Rights: animal lover, 'nuff said

    17. Beginning of Time: BANG

    18: Hate Crimes: stop the hate

    19: Racism: every race is equal

    20: Health Care: needs reform for poor people

    21: Rape: kill rapists

    22. Bio Weapons: end up the Black Market

    23. Homeless: more shelters and cheaper apartments

    24. Religion: keep it to yourself and to each their own

    25. School Violence: give the bullies a hug

    26. Capital Punishment: pro-death penalty

    27. Homosexuality: keep it to yourself and to each their own

    28. Sex Education: hand out condoms at school

    29. Censorship: retarded and pointless

    30. Human Rights: we have none

    31. Sexual Harassment: kick him in the balls or punch her in the breast

    32. Child Abuse: lock up the offender and give the child a better home

    33. Immigration: U.S.A. sucks don't come here

    34. Smoking: their choice but not in my house

    35. Cloning: animals maybe but not humans

    36. Internet Privacy: doesn't exist

    37. Stem Cells: could help people in the future

    38. Juvenile Offenders: boot camp

    39: Steroids: for cheaters

    40. Media Violence: I don't watch TV anymore

    41. Suicide: should not be illegal

    42. Driving Under the Influence: lock up drunk/drugged drivers

    43. Medical Ethics: too many people who need help get turned away for those less needy

    44. Teenage Pregnancy: we all make mistakes don't make the girl suffer, give support and information not lectures and cruel words

    45. Drug Legalization: let them have it, high guys suck up jail space for real criminals

    46. Mental Health: I get SSI, people need to be more understanding and supportive and less judgmental

    47. Terrorism: wouldn't have been bombed if Bush paid up for that oil

    48. Eating Disorders: stop telling women they need to be skinny, fat chicks are cool I am one

    49. Middle East: mind our own business and maybe they won't be pissed off at us all the time

    50. Welfare: helps people who need it but some do abuse it

    51. Endangered Species: kill poachers, save the animals

    52. National Security: failed and failing

    53. Women's Rights: women needs rights too but quit blowing the boss for a promotion

    54. Nuclear Weapons: shouldn't exist

    55. Women in the Military: why not? G.I. Jane was an okay movie

    56. Euthanasia: no one should have to suffer

    57. Nutrition: for those who care

    58. Workplace Violence: fire the offender/s

    59. Political Corruption: there IS a conspiracy

    60. Having Children: to each their own

    61. Getting Married: I have a fiance, marriage is cool if you want it

    62. Divorce: too many today, no one marries for life anymore, but it's their choice

    Source(s): Me and my overly opinionated twisted mind. Have a nice day. =)
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I'll put it rather simply, if the action hurts others in anyway then i deem it immoral in most cases (eg murder is bad, murder in some cases may be alright) so basically if it hurts innocent folk, if it doesn't i see no problem with it. So i'm pro drugs/abortion/euthanasia etc as the damage is all at the consequence of the individual.

    When it comes to animal rights & animal experimentation, i'm a firm believer of rights & firmly opposed to experimentation as were many people from Da Vinci to Voltaire to Twain, experimentation in any context is immoral as the animal cannot consent & the rhteroic of vivisectionists saving millions of lives from inducing human illnesses & drugs from humans into mice is plain unsound science.

    Source(s): vegetarian going vegan Obviously not versed in all of these areas + the debates from each side, but as a rule of thumb i follow the no harm to others = no crime.
  • Bob O
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    this is a lot of work for the average answerer on Yahoo politics but I will kill a few minutes and give it a shot.

    1 against abortion; BUT feel that Republican politicians secretly hope that the issue is never resolved because it gives them a LOT of political traction.

    2 Unfortunately I have observed in my limited times in Casinos that most people that frequent them do NOT appear to have enough money to suffer large losses. Donald Trump may not care.

    3 I do not think that we are in serious danger in the United States. The third world countries,however, are in serious trouble and eventually we will have to tap the wealthy of the world to keep more from starving.

    4 Never thought much about them. From what I see on the news the police have MOST of the problem in control. It DOES make for good (if it bleed it reads) press though.

    5 Like most Americans I have occasionally looked. It actually makes me feel guilty, and I believe that it actually damages marriages.

    6 Do we have the right to play GOD??

    7 Something MUST be done! Since Reagan introduced his INSANE economic policies the top 1% have enjoyed an increase in income of over 275% while the rest of us have had to settle for a stagnant increase of ONLY 18%. More and more middle income families are falling into poverty and conservatives want to tell them that it is THEIR FAULT! It is NOT.

    8 I am a moderate beer drinker. I do understand that some people cannot control their drinking, and support them getting help.

    9 It is obvious that SOMETHING is going on. I am concerned that the right-wing brainwash machine feels that it is important to deny the existence of climate change. I am ,however, opposed to cap and trade UNLESS someone finds a way that it does NOT affect the working class. We cannot afford any more. A way MUST be found to make the increases in cost stay at the top, they have after all enjoyed the profits for many years.

    10 If we are to be a country that has freedom of religion we must give people of ALL faiths a few minutes to adore the God of their choice SILENTLY but reverently. We must also respect the rights of those that choose not to.

    11 I am a Catholic. I look forward to an eternity of peace and comfort with Jesus.

    12 If it is not painful and benefits humankind - NO PROBLEM.

    13 What do we have a government for if we do not want them to have some LIMITED control? My question is WHY they do not currently do what the majority of their constituency desires? Example: polls indicate that 67% to 81% of Americans favor a TAX increase on the wealthy, BUT, many of our elected officials have made a pledge to ONE man (Grover Norquist) not to raise taxes on the wealthy. CERTAINLY not a Democracy!!!!!!!

    14 I own a substantial gun collection. I have NEVER feared that the government was going to try to take them away as long as I remain a peaceful man. Gun control is JUST a highly emotional wedge issue that the GOP uses to gain a block of voters.

    15 A necessity. They MUST not be privatized as some Republican governors are attempting to do. IF they are made "for profit" human rights abuses are sure to follow.

    16 Lack of cruelty is the only right that I support. They can be used for work,food or clothing, as long as we do not inflict pain or threaten extinction.

    17 My ONLY explanation is Genesis.

    18 All violent crimes are because of hate. The definition of a hate crime can only be a violent crime designed to single out a certain race or creed for purposes of intimidation of the same. I do NOT have a problem with stricter penalties imposed.

    19 We are improving. We have not completely (and we may never) eliminated racism.

    20 Health care SHOULD be a right, NOT a privilege for those of means. It cannot be made fair as long as it is "for profit".

    21 A violent HATE CRIME. Life imprisonment or castration applicable.

    22 Evil, frightening, and should be made internationally illegal.

    23 Both Government and charitable institutions are needed to combat the problem of homelessness. Unless we do SOMETHING about income inequality I expect an increase of homelessness in the future.

    Edit: Yahoo does not want to let me add any more. I will continue trying.

    24 Like I said: I am Catholic, and truly believe

    that that is the BEST way to Jesus. That being said I support religious freedom.

    25 I do not understand why there is an increase in violence in schools. Perhaps we need to study educational policies of days prior to the eighties when violence in schools was not so prevalent.

    26 I am totally against capital punishment. It is used more against the poor than the wealthy who can afford better legal counsel.

    27 Homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of God. That being said only God can judge. Homosexuals should have the same civil rights as any other citizen. I do not support gay marriage however.

    Source(s): message from yahoo: "Your answer is too long, please remove any irrelevant information." I guess that I am done
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    1. Abortion Rights--EVERYONE has the right to have an abortion. NO ONE has the right to bring a kid into this world if they can't afford to support that child.

    2. Gambling-as long as I use my own money, it's my own business

    3. Population--see abortion

    4. Gangs--fine as long as they are peaceful

    5. Pornography--fine as long as it doesn't involve kids.

    6. Genetic Engineering--great idea

    7. Poverty--can be eliminated by NOT helping the poor.

    8. Alcohol--great invention

    9. Global Warming--I'm in favor of it.

    10. Prayer In Public Schools--as long as there are math tests, there will be prayer in schools (which is fine, as long as it's not ORGANIZED prayer) Oh, and kids should learn in science class that THERE IS NO GOD.

    11. Afterlife--there is also no afterlife

    12. Animal Experimentation--it's wrong to be cruel to critters

    13. Government Control--gov't needs more SELFcontrol

    14. Gun Control--let every man, woman, and responsible child carry whatever weapons they wish at any time.

    15. Prisons--should only be used to contain people who harm others (no "victimless" criminals)

    16. Animal Rights--be kind to critters

    17. Beginning of time--started when I was born

    18. Hate Crimes--crimes are crimes, regardless of motives.

    19. Racism--sometimes justified.

    20. Health Care--I'll pay for mine, you pay for yours

    21. Rape--I'm currently in favor of it.

    22. Biological Weapons--too dangerous to mess with

    23. Homelessness--I admire those urban outdoorsmen

    24. Religion--a silly sham

    25. School Violence--I'm against it.

    26. Capital Punishment--everyone in the capitol building should be punished, yes.

    27. Homosexuality--who you like to lick is your own beez-wax

    28. Sex Education--available for free, online.

    29. Censorship--there is no greater evil.

    30. Human Rights--ALL rights are human rights.

    31. Sexual Harassment--I'm in favor of it.

    32. Child Abuse--MORE spanking; less of every other kind of child abuse.

    33. Immigration--Welcome. Come join our WORKforce--but not our welfare rolls.

    34. Smoking--keep your suicidal behavior away from my nose

    35. Cloning--Yes Please...I want my very own Angelina Jolie.

    36. Internet Privacy--4 digit password is good enough to keep everyone I know out.

    37. Stem Cells--Use them to prevent me from dying of old age, please.

    38. Juvenile Offenders--they go to juvi, and their parents go to prison.

    39. Steroids--great for athletes, but they should have to disclose their use

    40. Media Violence--I seldom see anyone in the media commit violence.

    41. Suicide--need more of it.

    42. Driving Under the Influence--OK, as long as you don't hit anything

    43. Medical Ethics--keep curing the sick.

    44. Teenage Pregnancy--mandatory abortion

    45. Drug Legalization--ALL drugs must be fully legalized, right now.

    46. Mental Health--keep the 'tards away from me please.

    47. Terrorism--the punishment should be so swift and so ridiculously harsh that to commit terrorism against the US would be unthinkable.

    48. Eating Disorders--If you're fat, go on a diet. If you're skinny, then eat more.

    49. Middle East--Peace would be great. If not, fine. Kill each other but LEAVE US OUT OF IT.

    50. Welfare--Gone.

    51. Endangered Species--should have adapted better

    52. National Security--screw with us, your whole country is evaporated

    53. Women’s Rights--how about EQUAL rights?

    54. Nuclear Weapons--should fall on anyone who attacks the US

    55. Women In The Military--great idea. Time to bring the men home.

    56. Euthanasia--an option for anyone who wants it; mandatory for any congressman who wants to raise my taxes.

    57. Nutrition--food having a label on it is probably a good idea.

    58. Workplace Violence--I prefer workplace sex.

    59. Political Corruption--see "euthanasia".

    60. Having Children--can be prevented by practicing anal intercourse.

    61. Getting Married--HORRIBLE idea for men

    62. Divorce--should be the default position for people who don't regularly renew their vows. In other words, marriage licences, like driver licences, should have an expiration date.

    Source(s): common sense
  • 8 years ago

    1 let a woman do what she wants with her body

    2 gambling is ok, just dont let violence erupt from it

    3 population needs to be controlled, we are killing ourselves with too many people

    4 gangs need to be shot, because none of them do a good thing for society

    5 if a man wants to **** his wang, let him in his own privacy

    6 ge is a good way to help with population expansion

    7 stop giving money to people in poverty, tell them to work at mcdonalds. people are becoming too dependent

    8 let 21 year old continue to drink

    9 global warming is crap. read a geology history book. earth has MANY temperature fluctuations

    10 no prayer in school, but say God in pledge of allegiance because the founders that gave us this country made it that way so show them respect

    11 im not sure about an afterlife..I AM CURIOUS WHAT YOU THINK THOUGH

    12 experiment on rats and whatever else is abundant and has similar dna to humans

    13 government has too much control today. limit it to be happier

    14 let people buy guns if they want. who says i cant have a deadly weapon? a friggin toaster can be used to kill someone

    15 add a few more guards to prisons and put more idiots in them

    16 leave animals alone, they were here before us

    17 some deity created space and particles

    18 hate crimes are for people who are too sensitive with their feelings. unless there is violence from it then go crazy on the haters

    19 people need to learn that we all came from the same place. we put too much emphasis on relating characteristics to races therefore we hate some.

    20 if the prez wants everyone to have healthcare fine give it to EVERYBODY but dont make those who can afford it pay too much. how about you cut the salaries of some of the dumb a s s congressmen

    21 kill anyone who rapes...kill them twice

    22 bio weapons are necessary for anti terror

    23 we need nicer people to help the homeless out. some of them are homeless because of legit reasons probably because of government

    24 let people believe what they want...JUST STOP INFLUENCING OTHERS AND PUSHING IT ONTO THEM...i hate that

    25 kids are dumb and they know no better, just give them some detentions and idk, give them a bad grade or something

    26 kill the killers, rapists, pedos, and terrorists, and animal cruelty people too

    27 queers, stop telling everyone you are gay. no one cares and you are only making people pissed off. keep it to yourself. even if it is an unnatural thing

    28 educate the crap out of kids in sex ed, they need it so we can control population

    29 censor things that are too influential or are not good for kids

    30 humans have every right in the world, unless it involves hurting or stealing from another person

    31 punch all sexual harassers in the face

    32 abuse the crap out of child abusers, they are weak pieces of s h i t

    33 shoot the mexicans, not allow so many overseas immigrants in

    34 smoking is baddddd for you and others, but hey if you want to smoke go for it

    35 let's try cloning animals, not humans, we dont need any more of us

    36 the internet is a place for public today. expect to be exposed

    37 allow stem cell research, we may need it one day

    38 punish the kids, or move them to a good neighborhood

    39 steroids are for weak cheaters, ban them

    40 any violence associated with media comes from idiots, they need to be punched

    41 i think only weak people committ suicide who have no hope or desire for anything, u should stop them but i think they are just dumb people. theres plenty in life to do. unless you are in the middle east

    42 lock up dui people

    43 stop over paying doctors

    44 tell preggo teens that they are dumb and should be ashamed of themselves

    45 legalize pot, it was put on this earth as vegetation. i dont chop your trees in your yard down and say, this is bad for you

    46 people are becoming very insecure with themselves these days, i bet 12000 years ago, there was no depression. people have too much time on their hands to have mental health issues

    47 kill all terrorists and go all out in finding them. they have no right to live in this world

    48 eating disorders are for people who have no control over themselves. stop being stupid you idiots

    49 blow up the middle east, just get a few people out of there who actually have a purpose in this world

    50 welfare is for the weak made by other weaklings. people are too dependent of it

    51 go all out to protect endangered species. they were probably here before us and human pushed them out. if its natural, let them die out naturally

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