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How to achieve skinny?

I'm 13 weighing 122 at a height of 5'1.

I'm not far away at all I just have to lose the 20 pounds (according to doc).

Please explain how I can do it :)


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    First of all, I think you should aim for achieving fitness. Skinny is how you look on the outside, but fitness affects both your health inside and your looks outside. (:

    If you eat junk food and snacks, cut them slowly. Replace chips with apples, for example. It's easier to consume fewer snacks if you don't even have them at your house, so don't buy them. I think broccoli is the safest vegetable for people who hate greens. It doesn't taste as strong. Cauliflower, carrots, and perhaps cabbage are other safe options. You might feel that spinach tastes pretty good too. Try them, if you haven't already. Maintain healthy eating habits - search the internet for just what's "healthy" and how you can include a variety of foods in your diet.

    Now, here is where fitness really comes in - exercise! If you're not a fan of running, walking helps too. Around an hour every day is best, but even 20 minutes every day can help. If you sit in front of the computer occasionally, stand up every half an hour to walk around and let your butt, legs, and eyes rest. If you're aiming for even more, lift weights. Use your textbooks if you can't afford to buy weights. Search the internet for weight exercises! Some may be harder to do since you're using books though, so try to adjust for something that won't twist your wrist but still allow you to exercise the muscle. And make sure you don't drop your textbooks on your feet. x_x

    Losing weight is all about consuming less than you burn off. Diet pills or "weight-loss meals" can only take you so far, so don't consider them even in the future. Anyway, good luck, and work hard!

    edit: Okay, I think at your weight, you may already do all these since you're not even overweight, or very close to being so at all. So I don't have any idea what the doctor is thinking. But you can still consider these tips to help you be healthier. (:

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    My suggestions would be to

    1. eat meals instead of eating all the time

    2. watch what you eat (stay away from pop, dessert if you can, etc.)

    3. eat a salad before a meal if you can

    4. exercise regularly. The best way to do this is to join a sport where they run regularly for practice. Running burns the most calories.

    The hard part is that exercising will make you hungrier. I think in order to lose weight you have to be hungry. So I guess don't increase what you eat and join that sports team and you will lose weight!

    Source(s): Take what I say with a grain of salt I have never lost weight and never needed to
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